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The BAC's innovative curriculum interweaves traditional academic learning with practice. You earn credit and gain experience by working professional jobs, conducting research, completing independent projects, participating in design competitions, or even by traveling to new places.

We believe that this real-world experience prepares you to be competitive in your field. At the BAC, you not only earn a degree, you graduate with a career.

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Brien Tal-Baker, M.Arch '13 & Maya Tal-Baker, B.Arch '12

Finding Love at the BAC

BAC couples share their stories More »

Finding Love at the BAC

An education at The Boston Architectural College, and all of the studying, studio work, reviews, and exams that come with it, has been the first chapter of many great love stories. In the spirit of Valentine's Day, we are featuring BAC love stories-alumni who met at the College or report that it has played a major role in their relationship... and in many cases, both. Please enjoy their stories, and share the love by engaging with us on social media!

Boston Architectural College 2016 Boston Marathon Team

Meet the BAC's 2016 Boston Marathon Team

BAC student and faculty member pledge to run 26.2 miles More »

Meet the BAC's 2016 Boston Marathon Team

The Boston Architectural College is pleased to announce that, for the second year in a row, members of the BAC community will be running the Boston Marathon in support of the College. On Patriot's Day, April 18, 2016, Crandon Gustafson, dean of the School of Interior Architecture and Juan De Loera, a student in the Master of Architecture program, will represent the BAC along the 26.2-mile course from Hopkinton to Copley Square.

Beyond running the marathon, Crandon and Juan have each pledged to raise 10,000 dollars towards the BAC Fund, which directly funds resources for curriculum development, student academic services, technology, investments in faculty, and more. Both runners will work to collect donations towards their goal up until race day....more.


Reimagining Future of Waste at The BAC

MLA student Jonathan Cave Gives update on new waste management system  More »


Historic Preservation student pursues career with National Park Service

Elizabeth Rival finds passion in restoration of historic landmarks  More »


BAC President Earns Award from Ford Motor Company

President LeRoy recognized for academic leadership in responding to automotive industry  More »


Two BAC Students Chosen as Winners at Student Design Showcase

Jose Gonzalez and Andres Moreira recognized for their exemplary academic design work  More »


The BAC Remembers Ruth Ganong’s Legacy

First woman to attend the BAC paved way for gender equality  More »


Recent BAC Grad Reimagines Women’s School in Saudi Arabia

Thesis proposes open layout to foster communication  More »

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The Boston Architectural College (BAC) is an independent spatial design college. The core of the BAC experience is a unique learning model where design education happens in the classroom and in the professional workplace simultaneously. Students work in some 300 design firms while attending their classes and studios onsite or online, earning credit and gaining experience in both settings.

Work by Ann Beha Architects

Ann Beha and Steven Gerrard

Rethinking, Renewing, Responding More »

Ann Beha and Steven Gerrard

The Boston Architectural College invites the community to join us for Rethinking, Renewing, Responding, a public lecture by Ann Beha and Steven Gerrard, on Wednesday, February 17, 2016 at 6 pm in Cascieri Hall.

Long time colleagues at Ann Beha Architects, Ann Beha and Steven Gerrard will discuss essential aspects of their practice: dialogue and the dynamics of design collaboration; method/means/materials and the investigation and response to context; and change and continuity...more.

Boston City Hall, image courtesy of over,under

Concrete Visions

The BAC and Boston City Hall Design Competitions More »

Concrete Visions

The 1960s in Boston brought rapid change that transformed the urban fabric, aiming to create a "New Boston" after decades of stagnation. Vast areas of the city were modernized, often using architectural concrete as a material, in an attempt to reinvigorate Boston's economy and its self-confidence. This exhibition focuses on two design competitions—Boston City Hall (awarded in 1962) and what was then The Boston Architectural Center (awarded two years later)—as milestones in shaping not only the physical nature of the city, but also how it would conceive its own future. The competition format offered a process for commissioning based on design quality and innovation rather than political connections or perceived expertise...more.

01/01/2016 - 05/31/2016

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