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About the BAC

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About the BAC

The Boston Architectural College is a dynamic institution on the leading edge of design education. Located in the heart of Boston's Back Bay, the BAC is an independent college of spatial design, founded in 1889. With over 800 degree program students, the BAC offers accredited undergraduate and graduate programs onsite and online in Architecture, Interior Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Design Studies, and stresses excellence in practice-based professional education, and accessibility to the design professions. BAC Professional & Continuing Education offers classes and certificate programs for design professionals who wish to enhance skills and increase expertise. Within P&CE, The Landscape Institute and the Sustainable Design Institute bring together faculty and students interested in conducting research and learning on subjects of intense interest. The BAC's central location and strong links with the design community make it a strategic educational center.

Mission: The BAC provides excellence in design education emerging from practice and accessible to diverse communities.

Vision: To be the recognized leader in the education of design professionals, connecting theory and practice and engaging educators, practitioners, allied professions and the public.


Founded as a club for architects in the Boston area, the BAC has maintained close ties to the professional design community throughout its long history. These ties are especially evident today in the BAC's faculty of practicing professionals, many of whom volunteer their time to teach at the College, serve as mentors and advisors for student projects, and work on various College committees. It is also evident in the BAC's commitment to concurrent academic and practice-based curricula as the cornerstone of a design education. The BAC has remained true to its founding principles of affordability and accessibility, making an education in design available to all those who express an interest and the willingness to complete the program requirements.

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Diversity Statement

The Boston Architectural College is committed to promoting a community that celebrates, affirms, and vigorously pursues inclusiveness in all its forms.

Excellent design integrates diverse skills and problem solving approaches to meeting client needs. Combining divergent ways of thinking, non-traditional approaches to solving problems, multi-cultural awareness, sensitivity to the needs of persons who may be different from ourselves, tolerance of ideas we may not initially understand, and openness to new ways of addressing needs is essential to acheiving thoughtful, creative, innovative and client-centered design. Through multiple design disciplines, and through our insistence on learning from diverse ways of approaching design solutions, the Boston Architectural College expresses its fundamental commitment to being an open and welcoming community. We strive to effectively serve diverse clients in a multi-cultural world.

As the largest independent, multi-disciplinary college of spatial design in the United States, the Boston Architectural College (BAC) has opportunities to influence the future viability of the design professions. Sustainable design professions require diversity and inclusivity in their approaches to serving clients. The BAC strives to increase diversity among those who study, work, teach and practice Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture and a wide range of allied fields.

The BAC's Diversity Vision is to be a vibrant, inclusive learning community where all members are respected, welcomed and enabled to thrive. As this vision is realized, the College will reflect diversity in its student body, faculty, curriculum, Practice learning, and in the ways that we teach and learn.

This plan sets forth specific initiatives aimed at fulfilling the College's mission: to provide excellence in design education grounded in practice and accessible to diverse communities. This plan also sets forth current diversity efforts at the BAC, and a three-year action plan focused on five major objectives to increase diversity throughout the BAC community. These objectives encompass the establishment and review of policies; programming and evaluation; and the creation of effective partnerships to accomplish the plan's goals.


The Boston Architectural College's audited financial statements are available upon request from Kathy Rood, Vice President of Finance and Administration.

The Boston Architectural College's publications are available upon request from Evan Gallivan, Vice President of Institutional Advancement.