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About the BAC Faculty

Since its beginnings in the 1880's, the Boston Architectural College has formulated design education as an endeavor led by design professionals. Currently, the College employs Architects, Interior Designers, Landscape Architects and other design-related experts who offer students an excellent design education, steeped in the practicalities of real-world experience and informed by inspiring leaders in the various spatial design fields. All groups of BAC faculty are offered the opportunity to engage in a series of four teaching and learning courses offered by the Institution.

Administrative Faculty
The Administrative Faculty is comprised of a group of design academic professionals who administer the various programs and teach at the BAC. Their work includes the ongoing assessment of each program and the furthering of a vision that integrates coursework throughout the curriculum, and they represent the gamut of fields for which the College provides education at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Members of the Faculty
The Members of the Faculty is comprised of those instructors who have taught at the BAC over an extended period of time and continue to dedicate a focused portion of their work to educating our students. These instructors have submitted applications to a committee and have been named "Members of the BAC Faculty." They teach in all areas of the BAC curriculum, in all schools and at every level of instructional offering, and they represent the very core of our values and best teaching practices.

The third group of faculty is comprised of a large number of instructors who teach BAC courses across the curriculum. As they repeatedly return to teach, they may apply to become Members of the Faculty.

Teaching at the BAC
The BAC hires part-time adjunct instructors on a rolling basis. Instructors are expected to have completed graduate degrees in their fields. Qualified applicants should e-mail their resume or CV and a letter of interest to: teaching@the-bac.edu.