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Call for Applications

How to become a member of the Boston Architectural College Faculty

Members of the Faculty

The Boston Architectural College offers a model of instruction that has a long tradition of mentoring faculty. Instructors and now members of the faculty are a body of professionals who, having been educated in the profession, many of them at the BAC, are most interested in fostering the development of a new generation of design professionals. This tradition has served the institution since the 1880s when it was founded to serve working aspiring designers in need of a degree who could not access this education at costly universities. The BAC has continued to offer an accessible education to aspiring designers who do not find it possible to pursue their dreams in a traditional school.  Because of its capacity to deliver excellent instruction to a wide population of students, the institution enjoys a widely diverse population of students and serves to diversify the spatial design fields in ways that other institutions cannot. BAC instructors are particularly dedicated to the development of their students’ abilities, and they serve with enthusiasm, passion, talent, commitment, and great thoughtfulness. 


Members of the BAC Faculty

Aidan Ackerman,  Director of Digital Media and Faculty, School of Landscape Architecture
Christopher Anzuoni, Practice
Maria Bellalta, Dean and Faculty, School of Landscape Architecture
Corky Binggeli, Interior
Peter Bracciotti, Practice
Ariel Brain, History and Theory
Bert Bremer, Practice
Don Brown, Practice, Studio
Len Charney, Dean of Practice
Michael Crehan, Studio
Dennis Dahill, Media Arts
Michael Daniels, Director for Foundation Student Support
Michael Davis, Studio
Denise Dea, Studio
Joseph DeVeau, Interior
David Eccleston, Studio
Ann Elwell, Interior
Stephen Feige, Studio
Carol Fisher, Practice
Michael Fiorillo, Director of Sustainable Design 
David Foxe, Studio, Technology and Management, Liberal Studies
Kerri Frick, Assistant Director of Foundation Studios
Nicole Gaenzler, Faculty, School of Landscape Architecture
Eleni Glekas, Director of Historic Preservation 
Richard Griffin, Practice
Richard Griswold, Associate Provost and Dean of Students
Crandon Gustafson, Dean and Faculty, School of Interior Architecture
Sam Hammer, Landscape
Paul Herbert, Studio
Don Hunsicker, Dean and Faculty, School of Design Studies
Vaughn Horn, Faculty and Director of Special Projects
Douglas Jack, Architecture
Dak Kopec, Director of Design for Human Health
Arthur Krim, History and Theory
Rayford Law, Thesis
Youngjin Lee, Studio and Thesis
Susan Lewis, Library Director
Hans-Christian Lischewski, Design Media
Jon-Paul Lussier, Practice
Manuela Mariani, Assistant Director of Foundation Studios
William Melcher, Technology Management
Ellen Merritt, Architecture
Adam Mitchell, Studio
Sophia Mizouni, Architecture
Marilyn Moedinger, Architecture
Luis Montalvo, Director of Media Arts
Susan Morgan, Architecture
James Moses, Studio
Eric Nelson, Studio
Karen Nelson, Dean and Faculty, School of Architecture
Tom Parks, Practice and Arhitecture
Lee Peters, Director of Foundation Studios
John Pilling, Studio
Shonali Rajani, Architecture
Diana Ramirez-Jasso, Full-Time Faculty Member in the History and Theory of Design, Interim Provost
Juli Reimenschneider, Landscape
Stephen Rich, Design Media
Luis Riobueno, Practice, Design Media
Sheri Rosenzweig, Reference and Visual Resources Librarian
Nora Rubinstein, Liberal Studies
Denise Rush, Director of Undergraduate Interior Architecture
Kenneth Savoie, Practice
Michael Schanbacher, Studio
Kyle Sturgeon, Director of Advanced Architecture Studios, Building Technolgy and Management
Ian Taberner, Director of Master's Thesis
Mongkol Tansantisuk, Design Media
Adi Toledano, Studio
Gary Tondorf-Dick, Practice
David Turturo, Liberal Studies and Architecture
Domenic Valente, Technology Management
Allen Vanderley, Practice
Daniel Weissman, Architecture
Sara Wermiel, Historic Preservation
Jaime Wilson, History and Theory
Vernon Woodworth, Technology Management