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Offices & Staff Directory

Office of the President

Glen S. LeRoy, President, president@the-bac.edu
Janna Atcheson, Executive Assistant to the President, janna.atcheson@the-bac.edu


Office of Enrollment Management & Student Services

James Ryan, Vice President of Enrollment Management, james.ryan@the-bac.edu


Meredith Spinnato, Director of Admissions, meredith.spinnato@the-bac.edu
Vanessa Bush, Assistant Director of Admissions, vanessa.bush@the-bac.edu
Emily Codinha, Transfer Credit Coordinator, emily.codinha@the-bac.edu
Monica Dugo, International Student Enrollment Counselor, monica.dugo@the-bac.edu
Shannon O'Hearn, Admissions Coordinator, shannon.ohearn@the-bac.edu
Theresa Walker-Ray, Admissions Counselor, theresa.walker-ray@the-bac.edu
Robert Brienzi, Admissions Counselor, robert.brienzi@the-bac.edu

Advising Services

Rebecca Chabot-Wieferich, Dean of Advising Services, rebecca.chabot-wieferich@the-bac.edu
Michael Daniels, Director of Foundation Student Support, michael.daniels@the-bac.edu
Kelsey Flynn, Academic Advisor, kelsey.flynn@the-bac.edu
Christina Liu, Senior Academic Advisor, christina.liu@the-bac.edu
Karen Stephanides, Associate Director of Advising & Disability Services, karen.stephanides@the-bac.edu
Juan Venegas, International Student Advisor, juan.venegas@the-bac.edu

Financial Aid

Janice Wilkos-Greenberg, Director of Financial Aid, janice.greenberg@the-bac.edu
Sarah Hoen, Manager of Student Services, sarah.hoen@the-bac.edu
Sabina Yesmin, Assistant Director of Financial Aid, sabina.yesmin@the-bac.edu

Marketing and Communications

Betsy Butterworth, Director of Marketing and Communications, betsy.butterworth@the-bac.edu
Alyssa King, Web Content Manager, alyssa.king@the-bac.edu
Stephen Middleton, Multimedia Content Producer, stephen.middleton@the-bac.edu
Andrew Nasser, Graphic Designer, andrew.nasser@the-bac.edu
Julie Raynor, Social Media & Web Writer, julie.raynor@the-bac.edu

Student Life

Richard Griswold, Associate Vice President & Dean of Students, richard.griswold@the-bac.edu
Winny Kwong-Sito, Coordinator of Student Life & Housing, winny.kwong-sito@the-bac.edu
Mike Ryan, Coordinator of Student Life & Housing, mike.ryan@the-bac.edu

student Services

Bethany Fantasia, Dean of Student Services and Registrar, bethany.fantasia@the-bac.edu
Betania Andoh, Student Accounts Manager, betania.andoh@the-bac.edu
Katherine Kwolek, Associate Registrar, katherine.kwolek@the-bac.edu
Rachel Magliozzi, Student Services Coordinator, Registration, rachel.magliozzi@the-bac.edu
Ann Royall, Assistant Registrar, ann.royall@the-bac.edu
Beverly Verla, Registration Coordinator, beverly.verla@the-bac.edu


Office of Finance & Administration

Mark Virello, Vice President for Finance & Administration, mark.virello@the-bac.edu


Art Byers, Associate Vice President of Facilities, art.byers@the-bac.edu
Kevin Fitzpatrick, Maintenance Supervisor, kevin.fitzpatrick@the-bac.edu
Russell Giacoppo, Maintenance Worker, russell.giacoppo@the-bac.edu
Juan Guzman, Maintenance Worker, juan.guzman@the-bac.edu
Tom Kenney, Maintenance Worker, tom.kenney@the-bac.edu
Armando Natal, Maintenance Worker, armando.natal@the-bac.edu
Ellen Yee, Manager of Facilities Administration, ellen.yee@the-bac.edu


Patricia Farino, Controller, patricia.farino@the-bac.edu
Lauren Berk, Payroll Coordinator, lauren.berk@the-bac.edu
Logan Huber, Senior Staff Accountant, logan.huber@the-bac.edu
Chuck McGuire, Assistant Controller, chuck.mcguire@the-bac.edu

Human Resources

Lorri Mayer, Director of Human Resources, lorri.mayer@the-bac.edu
Tanya Chesson, Coordinator of Human Resources, tanya.chesson@the-bac.edu


Patti Vaughn, Director of Administrative Operations, patti.vaughn@the-bac.edu
Talia Betzalel, Coordinator of Operations, talia.betzalel@the-bac.edu


Information Technology Services

Jason O'Brien, Director of Information Technology, jason.obrien@the-bac.edu

Rony Aguilar, Coordinator of IT Operations, rony.aguilar@the-bac.edu
Michael Alves, Lead Computing Assistant, michael.alves@the-bac.edu
Aaron Bass, Associate Director of IT/Web Systems, aaron.bass@the-bac.edu
Avelino Dosreis, Lead Computing Assistant, avelino.dosreis@the-bac.edu
Michael Gorman, Database and Application Analyst, michael.gorman@the-bac.edu
David Hansen, Director of Fabrications & Application Technology, david.hansen@the-bac.edu
Edwin Hernandez, Manager of Education Applications & Support, edwin.hernandez@the-bac.edu
Carl Jaspersohn, Associate Director of Technical Infrastructure, carl.jaspersohn@the-bac.edu
Janet McClain, Manager of Information Technology Operations, janet.mcclain@the-bac.edu
Sherley Pompilus, Applications & Support Specialist, sherley.pompilus@the-bac.edu
Gregory Scott, Information Technology Coordinator, gregory.scott@the-bac.edu

Online Technology

Janelle Heideman, Instructional Designer for Online Education, janelle.heideman@the-bac.edu
Benjamin Moser, Instructional Technologist, benjamin.moser@the-bac.edu
Lisa O'Connor, Senior Instructional Designer, lisa.oconnor@the-bac.edu


Office of Institutional Advancement

Evan Gallivan, Vice President of Institutional Advancement, evan.gallivan@the-bac.edu
Andrew Putnam, Executive Assistant, Governance & Development,  andrew.putnam@the-bac.edu
Catalina Lee Rojo, Assistant Director of Special Projects & Alumni Relations, Catalina.Ianetta@the-bac.edu
Geoffrey Whaley, Associate Director of Advancement Services, geoff.whaley@the-bac.edu


Office of the Provost and Education Administration

Diana Ramirez-Jasso, Full-Time Faculty Member in the History and Theory of Design, Provost, diana.ramirez-jasso@the-bac.edu
Aidan Ackerman, Director, Digital Media, aidan.ackerman@the-bac.edu
Jiray Avedisian, Coordinator of Academic Services & Assistant to the Provost,  jiray.avedisian@the-bac.edu
Victoria Hallinan, Director of Liberal Studies, victoria.hallinan@the-bac.edu
Jade Hopkins, Coordinator of Faculty Services, jade.hopkins@the-bac.edu
Meghan Lopes, Coordinator of Academic Services, meghan.lopes@the-bac.edu
Manuela Mariani, Assistant Director of Foundation Studios, manuela.mariani@the-bac.edu
Luis Montalvo, Director of Media Arts, luis.montalvo@the-bac.edu
Lee Peters, Director of Foundation Studios, lee.peters@the-bac.edu
Elizabeth Stuhlsatz, Manager of the Learning Resource Center, elizabeth.stuhlsatz@the-bac.edu


Susan Lewis, Library Director, susan.lewis@the-bac.edu
Robert Adams, Manager of Collection Development and Outreach, robert.adams@the-bac.edu
Kris Kobialka, Institutional Records Manager/Archivist, kris.kobialka@the-bac.edu
Hong (Jenny) Jing, Systems Librarian, jenny.jing@the-bac.edu
Christina Leshock, Library Cataloger, christina.leshock@the-bac.edu
Kristen Liberman, Associate Library Director, kristen.liberman@the-bac.edu
Sheri Rosenzweig, Reference/Visual Resources Librarian, sheri.rosenzweig@the-bac.edu
Melissa Wallin, Library Clerk, melissa.wallin@the-bac.edu
Megan Piemonte, Library Clerk, megan.piemonte@the-bac.edu


Len Charney, Dean & Faculty, Practice, len.charney@the-bac.edu
Carline Arcene, Practice Information Coordinator, carline.arcene@the-bac.edu
Jaime Libowitz, Manager of Practice, jaime.libowitz@the-bac.edu
Beth Lundell Garver, Director of Foundation Instruction in Practice, beth.lundell-garver@the-bac.edu
Ben Peterson, Director of Practice Instruction and Student Support, benjamin.peterson@the-bac.edu

School of Architecture

Karen Nelson, Dean & Faculty, School of Architecture, karen.nelson@the-bac.edu
Vaugh Horn, Faculty and Director of Special Projects, vaugh.horn@the-bac.edu
Ian Taberner, Director of Masters' Thesis, ian.taberner@the-bac.edu

School of Interior Architecture

Crandon Gustafson, Dean & Faculty, School of Interior Architecture, crandon.gustafson@the-bac.edu
Denise Rush, Director Undergraduate Interior Architecture, denise.rush@the-bac.edu

School of Landscape Architecture

Maria Bellalta, Dean & Faculty, School of Landscape Architecture, maria.bellalta@the-bac.edu
Nicole Gaenzler, Faculty, nicole.gaenzler@the-bac.edu

School of Design Studies

Don Hunsicker, Dean & Faculty, School of Design Studies, don.hunsicker@the-bac.edu
Michael Fiorillo, Director of Sustainable Design, michael.fiorillo@the-bac.edu
Eleni Glekas, Director of Historic Preservation, eleni.glekas@the-bac.edu
Dragana Kovacevic, Administrative Assistant to the Project Manager/Principle Investigator, dragana.kovacevic@the-bac.edu