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Access Card Rules and Policies

The following rules and guidelines are intended to be in compliance with all campus rules and regulations, as well as the Campus Compact and Security Directive, and will ensure continued building privileges.

Students who are given an access card for use at 320 Newbury Street and/or 951 Boylston Street, Boston MA, are required to sign for the receipt of the access card that has been activated in their name, along with a contract sent by email to them for their personal records. (This coincides with the information here.)

Students must sign for the receipt of their access card and agree to the contract (stated herein) that they acknowledge that the access card received for the course they are registered in must be returned by the end of the semester. All cards will deactivate by the designated date noted in said contract.

We ask that ALL cards are to be returned to the Operations Department, located at 951 Boylston Street on the ground floor level no later than Commencement Day. Any student who does not return their card by the contract's noted deadline will be charged a $30 fee which will be placed on your billing account.

Students will be sent a reminder of the deadline date before the end of the semester and before Campus Cleanout Day. The date also will be included on the contract. All projects left behind will be disposed of on Campus Cleanout Day. Students with card access are NOT permitted to give access to others to gain access to the main entrance or studio.

Do NOT permits others to gain access through the front door or studios when using your card access.

Do NOT LOAN or GIVE YOUR CARD TO ANYONE! Only the assigned cardholder has studio access privileges and the cards are activated in your name. Anyone found giving their card to another student will lose their studio privileges.

Building(s) Access Information:

  • Upon receipt of the contract and access card for which you have signed, this card gives you 24/7 + holiday access to 320 Newbury Street and/or 951 Boylston Street, dependent upon the class, studio or thesis you are registered in.
  • You will need to sign into the log book at the front Security Guard desk, indicating the time and your location in the building.
  • When you leave the building, you must sign out, noting the time.
  • In case of an emergency, Security personnel can notify fire and police responding to the BAC that there are people in the building and their location.

When entering the 951 Boylston Street building:

  • Tap the access card to the grey access card panel beside the glass doors
  • Take the ramp to the elevator or stairwell at the rear of the building
  • Upon reaching your designated floor, tap the grey access panel beside the door to unlock the door for access.
  • After normal building hours when the building is locked, you are only permitted into your designated classroom area.
  • Please be reminded, you are not permitted in any other areas of the buildings. Many areas of the BAC are alarmed.
  • When exiting the building make sure the doors close and lock before you walk away from the building, this is for security purposes.

When entering the 320 Newbury Street building:

  • Tap the access card to the grey access card panel on the right of the main entrance doors. Upon entering through the second glass door and signing in at the guard's desk, take the stairs on your immediate right or the elevator to your designated classroom.
  • Do not use the Monumental Staircase behind the Security Desk, many areas will be alarmed
  • Do not go into the Gallery
  • Do not go to the student mailboxes or other first floor areas after hours
  • Do not go to the Loft.
  • Do not try to access any other floors except for your designated floor.

When leaving the 320 Newbury Street building:

  • You need to simultaneously press the "red button" to the left of the double doors and push the door to exit the building.
  • Make sure the doors close and lock before you walk away from the building, this is for security purposes.

Lost cards:
If you lose your card or have trouble using it, please email the Operations Department immediately at operations@the-bac.edu or call 617.585.0211 or 617.585.0246.

Access to the buildings comes with certain responsibilities, which are necessary for the safety of the individual and the school. Please remember that studio space is a privilege, which can be revoked if abused.

I (the student), agree to the following:

  • To only use the elevator and/or designated stairs to access the designated classroom during closed building hours.
  • To not bring in pets, bicycles, skateboards and roller blades, they are NOT allowed.
  • Studio Residents agree to wear a headset when using music players. This respects other student's music choices, as well as the ongoing scheduled reviews
  • To not block, prop open or obstruct in any way the front door, elevator door, stairwell door or the designated classroom doors as this is a breach in security.
  • To not permit others to gain access to the main entrance or studio.
  • TO NOT LOAN or GIVE YOUR CARD TO ANYONE! (Only the assigned cardholder has studio access privileges and the cards are activated in your name, anyone found giving their card to another student will lose their studio privileges.)
  • When accessing the front doors or designated classroom doors, to wait for them to close & lock completely upon entering and/or exiting the building.
  • To stay out of any unauthorized areas and areas which could set off alarms.
  • To not sleep overnight at the BAC.
  • To evacuate the buildings when required (fire alarm, power outage, per a security request, etc.)
  • To not use other rooms aside from the designated room which you are given access to.
  • To follow all rules posted in the studio, as well as those attached to this agreement.
  • To call 911 and then alert security immediately if there is a problem or emergency.
  • To notify security, speak with the guard at the desk, or if they are unavailable, call 617.730.7160. Remember to first call 911 in any emergency situation!

Most importantly: Do not jeopardize your personal safety.
If you see an intruder attempting to forcibly enter the building, or you notice any other suspicious behavior, call 911, then speak with the security officer on duty. If the officer is unavailable, notify security at 617.730.7160.

Fire Drill—Call 911, then notify security at 617.730.7160.

  • When fire alarms sound and emergency lights are flashing, please evacuate the building immediately in an orderly fashion.
  • Take all belongings with you, if possible
  • Please walk immediately to the EXIT STAIRWELLS.
  • Upon exiting the building, gather across the street from the building as a safety measure.
  • Do not re-enter the building until the fire department has given you permission to do so.
  • Do not try to silence the alarm yourself. The alarm company will automatically respond within two hours.
  • Fire equipment may not be removed or tampered with. It is against the law to block fire exits, and/or to obstruct passage to the outside (i.e., working in the stairwells and bicycle storage in studios is prohibited).

In case of a plumbing failure (i.e. flooding), broken windows, or other emergencies, contact Security immediately at 617.730.7160.

Please Note: You must have your building access card on you at all times. If a security guard is doing their security checks, you must produce your access card if requested. If you cannot produce your card, you will be asked to leave the building. The security guard has been instructed to let only students and faculty members with access cards remain in the building during the designated hours. (these are the hours when the doors are locked and after normal building hours)
If you fail to leave, you will lose your privileges.

There is absolutely no smoking, no drinking, and no alcohol permitted in the studio space. Smoking, drinking, or using illegal substances in the studio will constitute immediate grounds for expulsion from the BAC. All reviews are alcohol free, as outlined in the BAC Policies and Procedures.

It is strictly forbidden to set up any power tools and/or electrical appliances, other than those already provided by the BAC (i.e., hotplates, refrigerators, toaster ovens, fans, etc.).
Do not move furniture, hang items from the ceiling, lighting fixtures, sprinkler pipes, or paint walls, put tape on painted surfaces, or remove or damage equipment.
Do not change any existing facilities arrangements without the permission of Associate VP of Facilities Art Byers; facilities@the-bac.edu.

All trash must be placed in the appropriate receptacles. All personal belongings and projects must be confined to the area of your studio space; we are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please be responsible of your personal belongings. Please keep all aisles free and clear. This is necessary for your safety.

All rules associated with the privilege of having an access card must be followed, including: carrying a current Student ID at all times and restricting one's movements to only those areas pertinent to one's project review studio space.

Students are responsible for supplying their own hardware (computer, printer, etc.).

The BAC is not responsible for personal equipment losses because of theft, power surges, etc.
If items are stolen, please report this by speaking to the security guard at the 320 Newbury Street Security Desk or by emailing security@the-bac.edu as soon as possible.

Departing students are expected to leave studio workspaces in clean and orderly condition.

There is no reserved parking for students or thesis representatives/advisors/faculty.

Emergency Numbers and email (in order of contact):

1. 911
2. Longwood Security, 617.730.7160
3. 320 Newbury Street Security, security@the-bac.edu, 617.585.0200
4. 951 Boylston Street Security, security@the-bac.edu, 617.585.0108
5. Art Byers, Associate VP of Facilities, Art.Byers@the-bac.edu, 617.585.0220
6. Patti Vaughn, Director of Operations, Patti.Vaughn@the-bac.edu, 617.585.0211

All students who have picked up access card has agreed that they have reviewed and understand the security procedures outlined in this posting and/or email they received with this information and agree that they will adhere to the rules and regulations set forth.

By signing, they agree that they are also aware that if they do not adhere to these rules and regulations, their access privileges to BAC buildings at 320 Newbury Street and 951 Boylston Street will be revoked.

By receiving an access card, they are agreeing to comply with all regulations while in the 320 Newbury Street and/or the 951 Boylston Street buildings and understand that access cards must be returned by the date they are notified of when they receive their access card. They also understand that all projects left behind will be disposed on Campus Cleanout Day.

Access cards are to be returned to the Operations Department, located on the ground level of the 951 Boylston Street building. If there are extenuating circumstances and you are unable to return your access card in person, please email operations@the-bac.edu to make other arrangements to return your access card and/or key(s).

Operations Department: operations@the-bac.edu
patti.vaughn@the-bac.edu, 617.585.0211 or talia.betzalel@the-bac.edu, 617.585.0246