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    Important Dates

    2016 Huxtable Fellowship Application
    Deadline: Monday, Oct. 10 at 5pm 


      Ada Louise Huxtable Fellows

      Goals and Objectives

      The Ada Louise Huxtable Fellowship in Civic Engagement and Service Learning is a program at the BAC, generously funded by a grant from OneWorld Boston, a grant-making entity of the Cummings Foundation. The Huxtable Fellowship, affiliated with Gateway Projects at the BAC, intends to satisfy several goals:

      1. Mobilize and reward talented, advanced students who have demonstrated a genuine interest in design and community engagement.
      2. To facilitate and strengthen opportunities for networking, mentoring, and professional development amongst a cohort of fellows, other BAC students, and professional mentors from the design community.
      3. To provide a body of work, to the Practice Department and the BAC, aimed at sharpening the pedagogies of applied learning.
      4. To heighen and insure the quality and rigor of Gateway projects by developing and refining the skills of communication and collaboration, and transferring those lessons through vertical mentoring in Gateway teams.

      Huxtable Fellows will have the opportunity to identify and build relationships and partnerships with designers, educators, and students engaged in public, civic, or community-based design work. Fellows will aid in increasing the visibility of the BAC's community relationships through events, exhibitions, and publications. Moreover, the work of the Fellows will strengthen the BAC's commitment to service-learning and community-engagement through an increased, collaborative partnership with the City of Boston and its neighborhood organizations.

      During this year-long Fellowship, the Huxtable program will take place in three distinct modules:

      1. In the Spring, Huxtable Fellows will work as a team on a Gateway project directly related to current intiatives of the City of Boston.  Through training, education, and direct applied learning, students will not only develop skills, but will also contextualize the complexities of the community-based design practice through collaborations with community partners.
      2. In the Summer, the Fellowship will sponsor and support the opportunity to work within a design office or organization, identified by the Fellow, and engage in public, civic, or community design work.
      3. In the Fall, Huxtable Fellows will convene and assist in the development of the semester's Gateway Projects.  They will serve as TAs or Mentors for Gateway teams, and will collaborate to document, collect, and exhibit the anthology of their year-long work. 

      2015 Huxtable Fellows

      Huxtable Fellow Christine BanisterChristine Banister is a Master of Architecture candidate at the Boston Architectural College.  Originally from the midwest, Christine received   a Bachelor of Science from Indiana University, where she studied interior design and psychology.  Upon graduating, she traveled around the   country working for artists, floral designers, and event planners in cities including Miami, Minneapolis, and Seattle.  Christine currently works at   YouthBuild Boston where she teaches design to high school students through a team-based approach to real world architecture problems.

      Huxtable Fellow Mehran Jahedi

      Mehran Jahedi Mehran is a Bachelor of Architecture candidate at the Boston Architectural College. In addition to being a 2015 Huxtable fellow, he works at the American Repertory Theater Scene Shop, where he engages in the fabrication, installation, and layout of scenic elements. His previous internships through the BAC's Gateway Program focused on historic research, preservation, and adaptive reuse in the Brookline and Chestnut Hill areas. These experiences deepened Mehran's strong interests in the social and cultural impacts of architecture alongside the more technical aspects of digital and physical fabrication processes, materials science, and construction methods.

      Huxtable Fellow Anna Mezheritskaya

      Anna Mezheritskaya is a Bachelor of Architecture candidate at the Boston Architectural College. She was born in St. Petersburg, Russia and immigrated to California at the age of 10. Her interest in architecture began with a passion for visual arts and curiosity in mathematics and sciences in high school. After taking a few architectural courses at a community college, she was hooked and soon transferred to the BAC to pursue her degree. Academically and personally, Anna is interested in the holistic sociocultural impacts that architecture and design can have on communities. As a designer, she tries to incorporate opportunistic, systemic ideas into studio projects with the aim to generate multidimensional positive impacts on and beyond the project site.

      Huxtable Fellow David MorganDavid Morgan is a Bachelor of Architecture candidate at the Boston Architectural College. Originally from New Hampshire and Vermont, David spent most of his time roaming through the New England Mountains until he migrated his way to Boston in 2010 to study at the BAC. Where David calls home is a small town deep in the woods of Vermont. The town consisted of 37 people, 280 cows, and 1200 chickens. He helped maintain order by patrolling the lands since he was 4 months old, where he met his best friend and partner in crime, Artemis. Artemis was an elite prairie falcon that was a fixture in David's younger years, learning side by side with him until they parted ways and Artemis began a family of his own. After spending several years working in the construction field, David realized the power of architecture to represent our lives, experiences, and narratives.

      Huxtable Fellow Annika Nillsson RippsAnnika Nilsson Ripps is a Master of Architecture candidate at the Boston Architectural College. She holds a bachelor's of science in mechanical engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. After beginning her career working in the medical device industry, she is now focused on improving and strengthening communities through spatial design. The Huxtable Fellowship will allow her to further explore how design can protect, nurture, and strengthen human engagement-both interpersonal and with the environment.