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    Spring 2017 Practice Report Deadline

    June 9
    Summer 2017 Practice Registration Deadline

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      Reporting Practice Hours

      Forms, Reporting Tools, and Types of Employment

      There are a variety of ways in which students can earn Practice hours. In addition to pursuing work at a professional design firm or related setting, students may also establish Practice hours and experience by participating in a Gateway Project or through Independent Practice, Design Competitions, and Travel-Based Hours. At the end of each academic semester, students must report their hours and register employment for the next semester. 


      Online Reporting Tool and FAQs

      What is the Online Reporting Tool?

       The Online Reporting Tool is the web portal through which students are able to submit their Practice Report and Practice Registration forms. Read the tutorial for instructions on how to use the Online Reporting Tool to submit Practice forms.

      Types of Practice Forms

      1. Practice Report: Report hours worked each semester.
      2. Practice Registration Form: Report employment status each semester.

      When do students need to submit Practice Forms?

      Both forms must be submitted three times per year, at the end of each reporting period (typically aligned with the end of each academic semester). 

      Students report their hours and register employment using the Online Reporting Tool. Both the Practice Report and Practice Registration Form must be completed and submitted to the Practice Department by the deadline indicated at the end of each reporting period in order to register for classes for the next semester.

      Why do I need to submit Practice Forms?

      1. To document Practice Hours earned each semester. Students must meet certain Practice requirements in order to graduate, including a minimum number of Practice Hours. The Registration Form allows us to enter your employment information into the system; the Report provides a record of approved hours that will appear on your final transcript. 
      2. To lift your Practice Registration Stop. A Practice Registration Stop is automatically applied to all student accounts prior to the commencement of the new semester. In order to lift that stop, both Practice forms must be completed and submitted by the deadline indicated. If the forms are not submitted on time, the student may not be able to register for courses or add/drop for the upcoming semester

      How do I submit my Practice Forms?

      You can submit the signed forms (each form needs to be signed by the appropriate work supervisor) as PDF files (10 MB limit) to practice@the-bac.edu.

      How do I know my information was received by the Practice Department? 

      After you click submit you will receive a confirmation number in your BAC email inbox letting you know that your information has been received. Please note: Your submission will not be considered complete until you have obtained your supervisor's signature on the Practice form and delivered the signed form to Practice.

      Why do I still have a Practice Stop on my account when I have submitted my forms by the submission deadline?

      Due to a high volume of submissions, Practice Stops will not be lifted until one week after the submission deadline.

      What if I worked multiple jobs during a single reporting period?

      You will need to complete a separate form for each job.

      What is the total number of hours allowed for each reporting period?

      Students can report up to 45 hours per week.

      I have exceeded the total hour limit for this reporting period. What further documentation would I need to present for my hours to be accepted?

      Exceeding the total hour limit tells us that you have worked on average more than 45 hours per week during this reporting period. In order to have these extra hours approved by Practice, we may ask that you provide documentation to support your claim. This means you will need to submit a signed letter from your supervisor confirming that the hours you have submitted are correct for this reporting period.

      What do the categories stand for on the Practice Report?

      The categories listed under Practice Report Hours are specific to each student's program. For more information on Practice Hour categories, refer to the appropriate Student Learning Contract (SLC). Students can check their SLC to learn what settings are design-related and approved for the submission of Practice Hours. Please note: Hours accepted by the BAC Practice Department may or may not be approved by NCARB and NCIDQ for Architecture and Interior Design licensure.