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Architecture Faculty

Karen Nelson

Karen Nelson

Dean of the School of Architecture
Ian Taberner

Ian Taberner

Director of Master's Thesis
Lee Peters

Lee Peters

Director of Foundation Studios
Kyle Sturgeon

Kyle Sturgeon

Director of Advanced Architecture Studios, Technology Management
Kerri Frick

Kerri Frick

Assistant Director of Foundation Studios
Manuela Mariani

Manuela Mariani

Assistant Director of Foundation Studios
Vaughn Horn

Vaughn Horn

Faculty and Director of Special Projects

Adjunct Faculty

Kathy Abernathy, Building Technology
Aidan Ackerman, Design Workshop
Niusha Aghdaii, Thesis Research Strategies
Jason Arndt, Degree Project Studios
Scott Bascom, Foundation Studios
C. Daniel Bass, Thesis
Cathy Bell, Degree Project Studio
Kristen Bender, Foundation Studios
Seth Berkowitz, Foundation Studios
Jordan Bissett, Foundation Studios
Adam Blanchard, Building Technology
Colin Booth, Degree Project Studio
Gary Brock, Building Technology
Bob Brooks, Building Technology and Advanced Studios
Jessica Brown, Advanced Studios
Cori Champagne, Foundation Studios
Alexandros Charidis, Design Workshop
Michael Cimorelli, Foundation Studios
Jack Cochran, Advanced Studios and Thesis
Heath Cody, Advanced Studios
Jose Compres, Intermediate Studios
Suzannah Cramer- Greenbaum, Thesis
Christine Cuttitta, Foundation Studios
James Dean, Advanced Design Workshop
Maxwell Dehne, Foundation Studios and Intermediate Studios
Michael DelleFave, Foundation Studios
Paul Donnelly, Building Technology
David Eccleston, Advanced Studios
Maryam Escandari, Advanced Studios
Sheri Fabian, Advanced Studios
Russel Feldman, Thesis Studios
Michael Fiorillo, Building Technology
Doug Fischer, Building Technology
Robert Flaherty, Building Technology
Monty Foreman, Thesis Consultant
David Foxe, Building Technology and Advanced Studios
Enno Fritsch, Advanced Studios
Jeff Fullerton, Building Technology
Bob Gillig, Foundation Studios and Advanced Studios
Michael Grover, Practice Management
Michael Gryniuk, Building Technology
Chala Hadimi, Foundation and Thesis Studios
Paul Herbert, Foundation Studios
Tyler Hinckely, Advanced Studios
Douglas Jack, Advanced Studios and Thesis
Blake Jackson, Building Technology
Ralph Jackson, Thesis Studios
Jessalyn Jarest, Building Technology
Hyacinth John, Thesis Studios
Imran Khan, Thesis Studios
James Kimball, Building Technology
Alison Laas, Foundation Studios
Rayford Law, Thesis Studios
Shawn Leary, Building Technology
Helena LeClair, Foundation Studios
Jeffrey LeClair, Foundation Studios
Youngjin Lee, Thesis and Design Workshop
Bruce MacRitchie, Thesis Consultant
Peter Martin, Advanced Studios and Thesis
Sergio Mazon, Design Workshop
Meghan McNamara, Intermediate Studios
Ashley Merchant, Intermediate Studios
Amir  Mesgar, Thesis Consultant
Alicia Miksic, Building Technology
Adam Mitchell, Advanced Studios
Marilyn Moedinger, Advanced Studios and Building Technology
Luis Montalvo, Advanced Studios and Design Media
Susan Morgan, Thesis
Matt Morong, Foundation Studios 
James Moses, Advanced Studios
Kristen O'Gorman, Advanced Studios
Bertha Pantoja, Foundation Studios
Anthony Paprocki, Thesis Studios
Thomas Parks, Pactice Management
Victor Perez Amado, Advanced Studios
Chip Piatti, Advanced Design Workshop and Thesis
John Pilling, Advanced Design Workshop
Mark Pomarico, Advanced Studios
Nathan Roy, Building Technology
Michael Schanbacher, Foundation Studios
Todd Shafer, Foundation Studios
Frank Smith, Thesis Studios
Lilly Smith, Foundation Studios
Daniel Steger, Advanced Studios
Chris Storch, Building Technology
David Stuhlsatz, Building Technology
Aaron Tobey, Design Workshop
Susan Twomey, Thesis Studios
Morris Tyler, Foundation Studios
Mark Urrea, Advanced Studios
Domenic Valente, Building Technology
Brent Vollenweider, Building Technology 
Daniel Weissman, Building Technology
John Welch, Building Technology
Amy Whitesides, Advanced Studios
Michael Williams, Practice Management
Jessica Wolff, Advanced Studios
Vernon Woodworth, Practice Management
Junko Yamamoto, Advanced Design Workshop
Richard Yeager, Advanced Studios