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School of Landscape Architecture
School of Landscape Architecture

"It can open doors within the Greater Boston design world like no other program of study can."

School of Landscape Architecture

Master of Landscape ArchitectureBachelor of Landscape Architecture

About the school

Landscape architecture is the design of open space, drawing upon both art and science to create meaningful experiences in the environment. Landscape architects apply sustainable principles at a range of scales to enhance the value of the built world.

The BAC's Bachelor and Master of Landscape Architecture programs prepare students to become progressive designers and registered landscape architects. Our unique academic and practice–based model embeds conceptual and analytical thinking with practical learning and professional networks.

The landscape architecture programs are fully embedded in the life of the city. Our work investigates the BAC's historic Back Bay neighborhood and the revitalization of the Seaport district. We consider contemporary urban problems: preparing for sea-level rise, accommodating multi-modal transit networks, responding to urban food deserts, and developing new housing prototypes for 21st-century city living. These are the same issues that drive professional firms and governmental agencies, and BAC landscape architecture graduates are valued as emerging professionals with talent and experience.

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