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Master of Landscape Architecture Curriculum

The Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA) Degree is a three-year graduate program* focused on Urban Landscapes and Ecological Infrastructure. The program is composed of three phases: Foundation, Integration, and Synthesis.

During Foundation, all entering graduate BAC students share their first semester studio and are exposed to extensive principles of design thinking. Fundamental design concepts and a universal spatial language are framed. Courses in history and theory, critical reading and research, design media, including freehand and digital 2D and 3D representation, mark the beginning of the Master's program.

Through the second phase, Integration, students are led through a more complex set of spatial problems addressing global, regional and local aspects of urban landscape architecture and urban design systems thinking. New and revitalized polycentric urban cores and their livable communities are considered via natural and constructed ecologies, and then designed for their optimal spatial and cultural potential. Throughout the program students explore Landscape Architecture technologies, including sustainable infrastructure principles and applications, and develop a deeper comprehension of the social significance of spatial history and design. Existing methodologies for sustainable thinking, through both research and applied learning, is a consistent focus of the study.

In the third and final Segment, Synthesis, students enter an independent phase of Thesis research and studio. At this stage, students formulate individual proposals in an area of professional inquiry, and must demonstrate a comprehensive understanding, knowledge and mastery of the applied study of Landscape Architecture.

During both Integration and Synthesis, students participate in Practice and partake in community work and professional collaboration. Through applied learning, students begin to formulate and refine ideas that will further strengthen their Landscape Architectural practice.

*Post-professional degree candidates (those with a Bachelor of Design or Architecture related fields) may accomplish the MLA program with advanced standing.

The MLA professional degree conferred by the School of Landscape Architecture at the BAC is accredited by the Landscape Architecture Accrediting Board (LAAB).

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Semester 1

Semester 2

Semester 3

Semester 4

Semester 5

Semester 6

Practice Requirement: Skill Level 6

Total Practice Hours: 900* 

*including a minimum of one Community Practice project