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Angeline Focht

Angeline Focht

Angeline Focht

Photo by Becky Anderson

Angeline Focht is a Bachelor of Architecture candidate at the Boston Architectural College and enrolled at the BAC right after high school. Growing up in Cookeville, TN, Angeline comes from a family of engineers. Although she knew engineering wasn’t her calling, she wanted to find a career where she could work both creatively and analytically. Since Angeline has always been hands on and making things from an early age, she wanted something where she could continue to have that tactile experience in her life as well.

Half of Angeline’s family lives in Europe, so she has been fortunate enough to travel and explore other countries. Angeline states, “I think that seeing so many different environments and how people interact differently in them has made me very intrigued by the way people live, and how environments shape that. I feel like, in architecture, there is nothing more personal than designing for living, and it has definitely become a major influence in my work and analysis.”

Angeline attended the BAC study abroad trip with Richard Griswold and Jovi Cruces, to Paris, France in the summer of 2012. This has been her most memorable and influential experience thus far at the BAC. She explains, “Being able to travel and live in another city for a month is a wonderful opportunity that can completely change your perspective, and I would recommend it to anyone. I think it is so important to take any chance you have to get out of your bubble and explore a different mode of living. It makes you reconsider everything that before, just seemed like a given.”

One of Angeline’s greatest accomplishments was having the opportunity to teach a group of summer students about architecture. Being on the other side of the desk offered her a new perspective on her own learning. It also forced her to reflect on everything she has already learned and how to best synthesize it for a group of young students to understand.

Angeline served as Atelier Secretary from 2013-2014, and as a Student Representative from 2012-2013. She was the head of the PARTI Committee for PARTI 2014.

Angeline currently works at Charles R. Myer and Partners, and has previously been involved in BAC Gateway Projects including a design-build Gateway Project with Archventures