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Anna Mezheritskaya

Anna Mezheritskaya

Anna Mezheritskaya

Photo by Dave Hansen

Anna is a Bachelor of Architecture candidate at the Boston Architectural College. She was born in St. Petersburg, Russia and immigrated to California at the age of ten. Though she had a passion for art in high school, Anna felt that by going to art school she would miss the enjoyment she found with problem solving in the sciences. It wasn't until  an aquaintance introduced  her to architecture  that she even considered design school. After a few classes at a local community college, Anna was hooked.

The BAC allows Anna to fulfill her desire to receive an accredited degree and make progress toward becoming a licensed professional. She quickly joined AIAS and NOMAS as a way to start professionally networking. She considers her involvement in these groups, teaching and mentoring other students, to be her most positive experiences at the BAC so far.

Being proactive has paid off for her, with a design position at Wilson Architects. "I'm pleased that I was able to find employment in an architectural firm, considering I had no connections in Boston prior to attending the BAC," says Anna.

In addition to her design position, in 2011, Anna was awarded The Edward J. Aisner & Eleanor H. Aisner Creative Exercise Scholarship, and she was featured in the 2012 Student Design Showcase at the Boston Society of Architects. In 2013, Anna was awarded the The Steffian Bradley Architects Scholarship.

Anna served as the 2013-2014 Secretary for AIAS after holding the position of BSA Liason in the past. She is a certified LEED Green Associate.