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Camila Mathó

Camila Mathó

Camila Mathó

Photo by Becky Anderson

Camila Mathó is a Bachelor of Architecture candidate at the Boston Architectural College. Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, Camila moved to Cambridge with her family when she was four. Before attending the BAC, Camila completed her undergraduate degree at the College of the Holy Cross with a major in Studio Art and minor in Architectural Studies joined with a concentration in Latin America and Latino Studies.

Whether it was as a young girl doing art projects with her mother, or hearing her father's passion about architecture, design has always been a part of Camila's life. Her father, who also studied architecture, has kept her interested and wanting to know more. Throughout the years she would see how passionate he would get while talking about design and decided that she wanted to feel the same way.

During her junior year of High School, Camila attended BAC Summer Academy and soon realized design was something she truly enjoyed doing and wanted to pursue further. She states that, "Being around other students and people that are as passionate about this field influences me a lot. I enjoy hearing about their experiences and thoughts on the topic and talking about how things can change and evolve in design. I recognize that as a result of sharing these ideas with my peers, I am growing and broadening my mind as a designer."

While at Holy Cross, Camila was involved in the Worcester community, especially with the Big Brother Big Sister program. She truly enjoyed spending time with her little siblings and being a positive role model for them. At the BAC, Camila served as Atelier's Vice President from 2013-2014, and previously as a Student Representative (2012-2013). Camila values finding a group of peers that share her design interests and feels very lucky to be able to find these connections at the BAC.

Camila previously interned at BBG-BBGM in New York City and as a marketing assistant at Margulies Perruzzi Architects.