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BLA Advanced Open Studio


Advanced, Elective LA Studios: these studios, which have special foci may change and evolve as faculty and student interest vary and unique opportunities are offered to the BAC. They may include, but are not limited to: Design for Children Studio Students will look at, experience, design and read about child centered products and spaces, both indoor and outside. Understanding child development, play, as a creative form of learning, as well as safety and ADA standards, will frame the design process. We will look at children's' innate sense of imagination and how that can be positively expressed in child centered environments. Design projects will include in class sketch problems, multi week projects that include toy design, childcare centers, playgrounds, and a field trip to Hasbro's "Fun Lab" in RI where they test product design, and evaluation neighborhood play settings. Students will be expected to complete readings in child development, childcare, ADA, and safety standards. At least one weekend field trip to look at playgrounds is planned. Individual childhood environmental autobiographies, with plans and illustrations will be required. Historic Landscape Preservation Studio Principles of landscape preservation will be studies in a site specific topical studio. Students will learn techniques and preparation of cultural resource and historic landscapes and structures research and analysis, prepared according to Department of Interiors Standards. Aspects of historic planting design, restoration of historic structures and artworks and use of period materials will contribute to final design solutions. Public Art Studio The interface between landscape and art has been an exciting one in contemporary times. This studio will survey recent case studies as a context for development of short sketch team assignments and more complete studio project. Issues of client, community funding, installation, collaboration, liability and maintenance will be a part of the design process. This course will explore the why, what and how of contemporary Public Art. The class will be seminar style with a combination of slide presentations, review of case studies and competition opportunities, discussion of readings, and study of public artworks in the Boston area. Recreation Studio This studio will examine recreation design for neighborhood parks, athletic, and sports venues in the context of current leisure studies research and materials technology. Topics to be covered include athletic sports field design, resort planning, recreational trail planning and design, historic parks, large scale habitat and forestry management, waterfront, beach and estuary parks, pool design, theme parks, concepts of management, maintenance planning, and development of user need design criteria. Wide ranging readings and three to four site specific design projects will be covered in the semester. Special Needs/Housing Studio/Healing Landscapes This advanced studio will include readings related to special user needs for older populations, impaired populations, assisted living, institutional and therapeutic facilities. Project design for a given multi-building facility will be investigated and developed to demonstrate how project design can provide optimum environments to serve special populations. Issues of site accessibility, parking, lighting, security, enriched planting design and views, maintenance and operations will be discussed with guest experts.

Credits 3 Credits
Prerequisites * PR890
Co-Requisites None.
Fulfills BLA: Required
Fall, Spring


* Prerequisites listed are for onsite degree programs only.  For questions regarding prerequisites for Professional & Continuing Education, The Sustainable Design Institute or The Landscape Institute please call the office at 617-585-0101 or email pce@the-bac.edu. For questions regarding prerequisites for the Distance track Master of Architecture please call 617-585-0390 or email dmarch@the-bac.edu. If you are looking at the course page of a 4000 series course, the prerequisites listed on the page do apply to you.

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