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Interior Design Studio I


ID Studio 1 is the interior design student’s first “interiors-related” studio. After exploring two and three dimensional concepts in Masters A Studio or A-1 and A-2 Studio, students will apply their new understanding of design principles and terminology within a space. In the first portion of the semester, students research one of several architects’ or designers’ (assigned) residential projects. Analysis of circulation, adjacencies, lighting (natural and artificial), furniture, materials, and site, as well as research on the designer him or herself, is required. The student will develop schematic floor plans, elevations, and sections as well as interior perspective sketches, to diagram the space and illustrate the parts or concepts. The second half of the semester requires the student to develop a + 2,000 square foot building shell (assigned) into a space (program assigned), using one overarching influence or philosophy gained from the analysis completed in the first half of the semester. The final presentation requires students to provide a scaled model, floor plan, reflected ceiling plan, elevations, sections, rendered perspectives and material & finish boards. Students will be introduced to ADA requirements and egress requirements in order to design spaces that meet standard life safety building codes.

Credits 3 Credits
Prerequisites * SA202
Co-Requisites None.
Fulfills BID: Required
Fall, Spring, Summer
SB105 - A Mon/Thu 4:00PM-7:00 PM 6/2/14-7/26/14


* Prerequisites listed are for onsite degree programs only.  For questions regarding prerequisites for Professional & Continuing Education, The Sustainable Design Institute or The Landscape Institute please call the office at 617-585-0101 or email pce@the-bac.edu. For questions regarding prerequisites for the Distance track Master of Architecture please call 617-585-0390 or email dmarch@the-bac.edu. If you are looking at the course page of a 4000 series course, the prerequisites listed on the page do apply to you.

For degree students contact Academic Advising at advising@the-bac.edu.