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MHP Studio Intensive Historical Research Documents


This is the second in-Boston Intensive of the Master of Design Studies in Historic Preservation. It includes an immersive research and documentation workshop accompanied by related study online. This course is required for students enrolled in the MDS and open only to those students. Accurate, precise, and archival recording of our built heritage environment is the most effective means to document its present condition, understand its past, and plan for its future. Heritage buildings can provide of specific historical knowledge unavailable elsewhere. Responsible treatments of heritage structures can be achieved only through a thorough understanding of their history and construction which allows future generations to understand their present-day care. From tape measure, pad, and pencil to the latest satellite generated imagery and mapping technologies, this course will present and explain relevant technical information so the participants will fully understand the recording products that are available, as well as comprehend the practical application of those products and technologies in their day to day working environment. In addition to gaining skills in historic research and documentation, students will address higher order concerns such as " Critical analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of various documentation technologies for specific historic periods, field conditions and project objectives " The impact of preservation philosophy on documentation strategies and goals " The nature of primary versus secondary sources in historical research " Critical analysis of the values inherent in historic documentation Students will be introduced to historic resource documentation through work on an historic structure in the Back Bay neighborhood that surrounds the BAC. Lectures will be presented on historic styles of the area and the nature of historical information about Boston buildings. The final project of the intensives will consist of preparation of Boston Landmarks Commission Building survey with accompanying bibliography, historical narrative and architectural description, photographs and measured drawings. Students will undertake a documentation effort of their own choosing for a final project.

Credits 3 Credits
Prerequisites * SI7101
Co-Requisites None.
Fall, Spring


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