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Sustainable Design as a Way of Thinking


This course traces the history of the sustainable design movement then introduces its primary tenets using the LEED Rating System as the organizing structure. Readings in the course are drawn largely from Environmental Building News. Online discussions are designed to acquaint the students with the language, philosophy, and principles of sustainable design. This course examines the underlying principles of sustainability and design. The class focuses on environmental sustainability and thought processes that can help professionals design a more sustainable world. Major aspects of environmental building that will be addressed include energy efficiency, building materials, indoor environmental quality and land use. Ways of evaluating the sustainability of the built environment are discussed including the LEED™ rating system.

Credits 1.5 Credits
Prerequisites * HT120 or HT118 or HTC1002 or HTC1004 or HT7120 or HT7118 or HTC3006
Co-Requisites None.
Fall, Spring, Summer
SUS2007 - 4MDS Online 10/19/14-12/13/14
SUS2007 - 2MDS Online 8/25/14-10/17/14
SUS2007 - 3MDS Online 10/19/14-12/13/14
SUS2007 - 1MDS Online 6/2/14-7/26/14


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