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Preservation Law, Planning and Finance


This course will explore the history, philosophy, and legal foundations upon which the historic preservation movement in the United States stands, focusing special attention on those areas where treasured American values clash. Students will look at the preservation planning and regulatory review process, learn about investment tax credits and the Secretary of the Interior Standards, and work with local historic district study reports and design guidelines. Students will be challenged with conservation, financing, feasibility, land use, affordability, and sympathetic infill issues. Case studies will be utilized as learning tools for the preservation of neighborhoods, churches, commercial structures, and buildings of the modern movement. Course Goals and Objectives This course is designed to introduce students to legal, advocacy and public policy issues in the field of historic preservation. Student activities will be designed to teach basic working knowledge of relevant legal subjects, including historic preservation ordinances, state and federal preservation statutes and important constitutional issues. The primary goal of this course is to provide sufficient information so that students will be able to identify legal issues, know resources to obtain information and assistance on those issues, and communicate effectively with attorneys. Based on this knowledge, students will also address higher order concerns such as: " Thinking through situations where preservation values conflict. " Understanding clashes of cultural values in the pursuit of historical authenticity " Conflicts between legal and ethical standards

Credits 3 Credits
Prerequisites * None.
Co-Requisites None.
Fall, Spring


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