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Rhino I/ 3D Design


Rhino is among the most influential software to emerge in the community of academic and professional architectural practice. Due to its efficiency and economy of performance, it is currently in use by numerous design firms small and large. With roots in marine engineering, the target output is digital model construction. The relative strength of Rhino lies in its close command-line relationship with the AutoCAD interface widely in use in the architectural and design industry. This allows the flattened world of two-dimensional construction drawings to be realized in three-dimensional form. Utilizing a minimal number of guide poly-lines, students will construct digital models that range from relatively simple to complex. The mathematical concepts of lofting, sweeping, cutting, splitting, and Boolean operations will be addressed as well as methods of curve construction such as slicing, sectioning, and continuous contours.

Credits 1.5 Credits
Prerequisites * VS152 or VS148 or SA103 or SA7103
Co-Requisites None.
Fulfills BArch: DM3B Requirement, BArch: DM4 Elective, BDS: DM3B Requirement, BDS-DC: Concentration Elective, BID: DM3B Requirement, BID: DM4 Elective, BLA: DM3B Requirement, BLA: DM4 Elective, MArch: DM3B Requirement, MArch: DM4 Elective, MID: DM3B Requirement, MID: DM4 Elective, MLA: DM3B Requirement, MLA: DM4 Elective
Fall, Spring, Summer


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