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    Landscape History

    Courses and Certificate

    View of contemporary stone garden at Chase Manhattan Bank NYC, designed by Isamu Noghuchi

    Sunken Garden at Chase Manhattan Bank, NYC

    Photo by Bill Maunsell, student; Bill Maunsell

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      The Certificate in Landscape Design History is not currently accepting new students. If you have questions, please contact The Landscape Institute.

      Fall 2015 Landscape Design History Certificate Courses and Equivalencies

      The Certificate in Landscape Design links the disciplines of history and design and is unique in the United States. The curriculum emphasizes landscape design history, promotes research in the discipline, and raises and addresses issues of public policy involving the land. The curriculum recognizes the interrelationship of form, culture, and ideas, and examines how and why people structure their external environments. It prepares students to work in the areas of landscape design history, preservation, and the environment at the community, state, and national levels. Students generally complete the Certificate in Landscape Design History on a part-time basis in 2 to 5 years.

      Landscape Design History Certificate Curriculum

      To earn a certificate, students must complete the following courses for a total of 29.5 credits:

      • Design I: Process - Fundamentals (3 credits)
      • Introduction to Landscape Drafting and Graphics (1 credit)
      • Landscape History survey course (3 credits)
      • Theories of Landscape Design  (1.5 credit)
      • Research Methods course (1.5 credit)
      • Historic preservation course (3 credits)
      • History courses (any combination of courses totaling 6 credits)
      • Skill Development course in:Landscape Construction, or Methods and Materials, or Site Engineering, or Horticulture (3 credits)
      • Independent Project Studio focusing on landscape design history (3 credits)
      • Free electives (student's choice) (4.5 credits)
      • SEM007 Design & Digital Media (non-credit)