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Landscape Preservation

Courses and Certificate

Image of a historic farmhouse structure in Point Reyes National Seashore

Point Reyes Farm, National Seashore, California

Photo by: Barbara Hartford; Barbara Hartford

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    The Certificate in Landscape Preservation is not currently accepting new students. If you have questions, please contact The Landscape Institute.

    The Certificate in Landscape Preservation prepares students to work as independent consultants or as part of a nonprofit or government agency team. Students will learn how to document, preserve, interpret, and manage landscapes of historic or cultural value, from historic gardens to agricultural sites.

    Landscape preservation is a multidisciplinary field. It involves land-use history, public policy and law, horticulture, archeology, ethnography, and urban and public policy history. Lectures, workshops, and roundtable discussions by professionals in the field will complement the formal course structure. Students in the Landscape Preservation program are welcome to take courses from the Historic Preservation program to fulfill elective requirements.

    Landscape Preservation Courses and Curriculum

    To earn a certificate, students must complete the following courses for a total of 29.5 credits:

    • Design I (3 credits)
    • Introduction to Landscape Drafting and Graphics (1 credit)
    • Historic Landscape Preservation Practice (3 credits)
    • Historic Landscape Preservation Theory (1.5 credits)
    • Preparing a Cultural Landscape Report (3 credits)
    • Landscape History Survey Course (3 credits)
    • Landscape preservation courses (4.5 credits)
    • Skill development course in either: Landscape Construction, Methods and Materials, Site Engineering 1 or Horticulture (3 credits)
    • Student's choice (4.5 credits)
    • Independent Project Studio focusing on landscape preservation (3 credits)
    • Design & Digital Media (non-credit)