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Make Practice Matter.

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Phone: 617.585.0145
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Monday - Thursday
9:00am - 7:30pm

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    Manuela Mariani's Work Featured in Arch Daily

    Assistant Director of Foundation Studios Manuela Mariani is featured on Arch Daily for her work updating and renovating a 19th-century home in Jamaica Plain, Boston.


    Practice Department

    Welcome to Practice!

    Department Overview

    There are currently more than 300 accredited degree-granting programs throughout the United States educating tomorrow's design professionals in architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, and design studies. The Boston Architectural College distinguishes itself as the only institution with a curriculum that integrates both academic and experiential learning. This experiential learning component is called "Practice."

    Practice is responsible for Professional Development, which is comprised of Curricular Development, Career Services, and Student Assessments, all of which address Skill Level and Earned Practice Hours.  Students must meet the specified requirements for Practice Hours and Skill Level at certain milestones in order to graduate from their program.

    BAC students typically earn Practice Hours by acquiring professional design skills.  It is the responsibility of the student to pursue and determine ways to gain professional skills and experiences, and there are many job resources available to those who seek them out.

    Students also can gain experience through Prior Practice Learning, Independent Practice (freelance projects), research, Design Competitions, Travel Hours, or by getting involved with Practice Gateway Projects.

    Twice a year, students report their hours accumulated while working in firms or on projects.  Depending on their areas of study, the Practice Hours earned range from a quarter to a third of the total requirements for graduation.

    Additionally, students must attend periodic Practice Assessment meetings with Practice Examiners to validate their Practice experiences and determine their Skill Level

    Please feel free to contact the Practice Department via email, practice@the-bac.edu, or phone, 617.585.0145, with any questions or concerns.

    Important Dates

    Practice Open House
    Tuesday, September 8
    5:30 - 8:00pm
    320 Newbury, 5th Fl.

    Gateway Open House
    Friday, September 11
    Noon - 2:00pm


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