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      Partnerships with local organizations provide service to the community and experiential learning opportunities for students. To learn more about teaching, learning, or partnering, contact practice@the-bac.edu.

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      Huxtable Fellows earn stipends to work on Gateway projects, mentor students, and be mentored by BAC leadership.

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        Welcome to Practice!

        Department Overview
        Practice Department Reports and Publications

        Department Overview

        There are currently more than 300 accredited degree-granting programs throughout the United States educating tomorrow's design professionals in architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, and design studies. The Boston Architectural College distinguishes itself as the only institution with a curriculum that integrates both academic and experiential learning. This experiential learning portion of the educational experience is called "Practice."

        The BAC's Practice experience differs from colleges and universities that provide internships or co-ops. BAC students engage in a variety of Practice-based activities, usually during the day, to earn Practice credit and acquire professional design skills. Students gain this experience in a variety of ways. BAC students market themselves as job-seekers and are hired as regular employees; they are entitled to the same compensation and benefits that are offered to other employees. It is the responsibility of the student to pursue and determine ways to gain professional skills and experiences, although there are many resources available to those who seek them out. Most students find and secure work in approved and supervised architecture, landscape architecture, interior design firms, or in other related fields. Students also gain experience through Independent work (freelance projects), research, or by getting involved with Practice-sponsored projects, called Gateway Projects.

        Twice annually, students report their progress and experience in Practice, and the number of hours they have worked in firms or on projects. Depending on their areas of study, the Practice hours students earn while attending the BAC comprise from a quarter to a third of the total requirements for graduation. Additionally, students must attend periodic Practice Assessment meetings to validate their Practice experiences and have the level of their professional skills (Skill Level) evaluated, which occurs during a face-to-face meeting with a Practice faculty member. These two requirements of earned Practice hours and Skill Level are used to track a student's professional experience and progress throughout their time at the BAC. Students must meet the specified requirements for Practice hours and Skill Level at certain milestone moments throughout their course of study.

        Practice Department Reports and Publications

        Employment Survey: Spring 2013 [PDF]
        Gateway Report: Spring 2013 [PDF]