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      Ada Louise Huxtable Fellows

      Important Dates

      December 1, 2014:   Applications available
      December 4, 2014:   Huxtable Fellowship Information Session, Rm. 601 at 320 Newbury, 7pm
      January 12, 2015:     APPLICATION DEADLINE BY 5PM

      Application Materials

      • 2015 Huxtable Fellowship Application Form [PDF]
      • At least (1) letter of recommendation
      • Work samples (two 8.5" x 11" PDF pages)



      The Ada Louise Huxtable Fellowship in Civic Engagement and Service Learning is a program at the BAC, generously funded by a grant from OneWorld Boston, a grant-making entity of the Cummings Foundation. The Huxtable Fellowship, affiliated with Gateway Projects at the BAC, intends to satisfy several goals:

      1. Mobilize and reward talented, advanced students who have demonstrated a genuine interest in design and community engagement.
      2. To facilitate and strengthen opportunities for networking, mentoring, and professional development amongst a cohort of fellows, other BAC students, and professional mentors from the design community.
      3. To provide a body of work, to the Practice Department and the BAC, aimed at sharpening the pedagogies of applied learning.
      4. To heighen and insure the quality and rigor of Gateway projects by developing and refining the skills of communication and collaboration, and transferring those lessons through vertical mentoring in Gateway teams.

      As a 2015 Huxtable Fellow, a student will have the opportunity to identify and build relationships and partnerships with area designers, educators, and design students engaged in public, civic, or community based design work. Fellows will aid in increasing the visibility of the BAC's community relationships through events, exhibitions, and publications. Moreover, the work of the Fellows' will strengthen the BAC's commitment to service-learning and community-engagement through an increased, collaborative partnership with Boston's Community Design Resource Center (CDRC).

      As a year-long Fellowship, the Huxtable program will take place in three distinct modules:

      1. In Spring 2015, Huxtable Fellows will work as a team on a Gateway project directly related to the current intiatives of the CDRC.  Through training, education, anhd direct applied learning, students will not only develop skills, but will also contextualize the complexities of the community-based design practice through real work with real community partners.
      2. In Summer 2015, the Fellowship will sponsor and support the opportunity to work within a design office or organization, identified by the Fellow, and engaged in public, civic, or community design work.
      3. In Fall 2015, Huxtable Fellows will convene and assist in the development of the semester's Gateway Projects.  They will serve as TAs or Mentors for Gateway teams, and will collaborate to document, collect, and exhibit the anthology of their year-long work. 


      To be considered for a Huxtable Fellowship, a student must possess the following qualifications:

      • Currently enrolled in an on-site, degree-granting BAC program
      • Good academic standing
      • In Segment II or III of respective program (Foundation students are ineligible)
      • Able to commit up to 20 hours per week to Fellowship 


      The stipend amount for the academic year 2015 Fellowship is $7,000 [Spring 2015: $2,500, Summer 2015: $2,000, Fall 2015: $2,500].
      Six (6) students will be awarded the Huxtable Fellowship. 


      Any student may be dismissed from the program and forfeit their remaining stipend if at any time during the duration of the Fellowship, s/he fails to uphold the eligibility requirements.

      Please contact Benjamin Peterson with any questions: benjamin.peterson@the-bac.edu.


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