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Hours & Contact Info

Email practice
Phone: 617.585.0145
Office Hours:

Monday - Thursday
9:00am - 7:30pm

9:00am - 5:00pm
Saturday & Sunday


    Important Dates

    Spring Practice Assessments
    Segment I/Segment II/Graduation

    March 3 - May 3, 2015
    Schedule Practice Assessment here.



      Practice Staff and Faculty

      Manuela Mariani's Work Featured in Arch Daily

      Assistant Director of Foundation Studios Manuela Mariani is featured on Arch Daily for her work updating and renovating a 19th-century home in Jamaica Plain, Boston.

      The Practice Department is made up of two full-time administrative teaching faculty and 40-80 adjunct faculty, examiners, and advisors.

      Practice Department Administrative Faculty

      Len Charney, Dean of Practice
      Benjamin Peterson
      , Director of Practice Instruction and Student Support
      Johanna Rowley, Director of Practice Assessments
      Beth Lundell Garver, Director of Foundation Instruction in Practice

      Practice Department Administrative and Operations Staff

      Jaime Libowitz, Manager of Practice

      Carline Arcine, Practice Information Coordinator
      Pam Loewy
      , Practice Operations Assistant 

      For information about Gateway faculty policies, visit the Gateway Faculty page.
      For information on teaching opportunities in the Practice Department, visit the Teaching Opportunities page.


      Current Practice Adjunct Faculty List

      Kenneth Ballard
      Marcia Baschnagel
      Elaine Bello [Berard Martel Architecture, Inc.]
      Richard Berry [Steffian Bradley Architects]
      Matt Bluette [Jaca Architects]
      Richard Butera
      Jack Cochran [ARC]
      Susannah Cramer-Greenbaum [Shepley Bulfinch]
      Rachelle Crosby [risd]
      Brandon Cuffy [NBBJ]
      Marc D'Amore
      Katy Foley
      Alexandra (Anda) French [French2D]
      Jenny French [French2D]
      Aris Garrison
      Will Gatchell
      Sara Hines
      Drew Kane [Utile]
      Cortney Kirk [Copley Wolff]
      Carl Koepcke [INVIVIA]

      Maren Lane
      Philip Loheed
      Ellen Merritt
      Jeffrey Millett [Goody Clancy]
      Emily Milliman [Crosby | Schlessinger | Smallridge]
      Marilyn Moedinger
      Cal Olson
      Chris O'Neil
      Shaun O'Rourke
      Claudia Paraschiv
      Susana Pereira-Devoe [MAKE.GOOD studio]
      Susan Pranger
      Bill Peterson [Kontseptual Planning + Design]
      Kurt Petschke [Klopfer Martin]
      Becky Rahmlow [Shepley Bulfinch]
      Mark Rosenshein [The Architectural Team]
      Alice Schultz
      Liane Silevitch
      Hess Vakili [Elkus Manfredi Architects]
      Aaron Weinert [wit]
      Son Wooten [Steffian Bradley Architects]]
      Walter Zesk [Conform Lab]
      Liwen Zhang [Maryann Thompson]

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