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Teaching Opportunities

Teaching Opportunities in the Practice Department

The Practice Department is always looking for qualified, dynamic, and committed faculty members to teach a Practice course, supervise a Gateway project, or act as a faculty consultant.  Currently, the Practice Curriculum offers three (3) courses/programs designed to develop a student's capacity as a critical thinker, collaborator, and active participant in professional design culture. 

1.) City Lab 
An introductory, four-day intensive course offering for first-semester BAC students.  City Lab Intensive takes place at the beginning of the semester and introduces students to the city of Boston, a laboratory for investigation and understanding.  The course, and its weekly semester-long companion, serves as a platform for students to engage with and think critically about the city, the spatial and social fabrics of the built environment, and the individuals and organizations that constitute Boston's design community.

2.) Community Practice
This course, offered during a student's second semester at the BAC, focuses on developing the skills of collaboration, communication, and participation, and introduces a student to the processes of professional practice.  Working cooperatively in the context of a team project, students will learn, acquire, and practice the skills required to practice design professionally, not just to design professionally.

3.) The Gateway Initiative
The Gateway Intiative exists as a stepping stone between the foundation of Practice and the full immersion into professional practice.  Gateway projects offer students a unique opportunity to garner professional experience while serving a real community client.  Over the course of a semester, students work in cross-disciplinary teams, with advising faculty members, and are actively engaged in project-based learning across a wide variety of scales, scopes, and scenarios.  For more information about Gateway, visit the Gateway main page. 


If you are interested in learning more about teaching opportunities in the Practice Department, email Benjamin Peterson, Director of Practice Instruction and Student Services, or Len Charney, Head of Practice.