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Classical Architecture




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    The Boston Architectural College (BAC ) is proud to announce our new partnership and collaboration with the  Institute of Classical Architecture and Art (ICAA). The BAC offers online professional development courses that can be applied toward the  ICAA's Certificate in Classical Architecture.

    Students in the certificate program will complete an 8 day intensive in NYC at the ICAA national office; intensives are offered in summer and winter. There, students learn the principles of classical design (both the technical and artistic dimensions) along with drafting and drawing skills. Both are important for practicing in the classical tradition.

    The BAC is providing a variety of non-credit, elective courses that complement and complete the requirements for the ICAA certificate. Courses offered in Fall 2014 are as follows:

    • PDV4001 1ZC: Introduction to Classical Architecture 
      This course introduces students to the 2,500 year old Western Classical Architecture tradition: its sources in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, and development through Medieval, Renaissance and Enlightenment periods. The vocabulary of classical architectural elements, forms and composition will be introduced via online lectures, reading assignments and topic discussion boards.
      • Instructor: Erik Evens
      • Fee: $300
      • Duration: 6 Weeks
      • Credits: ICAA Credits 12.0; AIA LUs 12
    • PDV4003 1ZC: Understanding the Classical Orders/Classical Moldings
      This course provides an introduction to the five classical orders: the Tuscan, Doric, Ionic, Corinthian and Composite types. The course explores their development in classical Greece and Rome, and as the primary compositional elements of classical architecture throughout subsequent centuries. The course also provides an overview of the geometry and terminology of classical moldings, the smallest classical parts, from which all of the more complex classical elements and forms are composed. This exploration of the orders and moldings will be provided via online lectures, reading assignments and topic discussion boards.
      • Instructor: Michael Mesko
      • Fee: $300
      • Duration: 6 Weeks
      • Credits: ICAA Credits 12.0; AUA LUs 12
    • Geometry for the Practitioner
      This accessible course is intended for both practitioners and students of architecture, design, and the fine arts. The course covers the basics of geometry, and is designed to enhance both hand drafting and digital design skills, as well as field sketching. With an emphasis on traditional design and proportioning systems, this class provides an essential foundation.
      • Instructor: Domiane Forte
      • Fee: $300
      • Duration: 6 Weeks
      • Credits: ICAA Credits 12.0; AIA LUs 12
    Additional online courses will be developed in conjunction with the ICAA faculty and staff. All courses are online, and asynchronous, which allows students from across all time zones to participate as their schedules allow for online discussion and completion of coursework.

    While these courses are designed for ICAA members who are pursuing the ICAA Certificate in Classical Architecture, all members of the design community are welcome! AIA credits will be available.