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PCE & LI Undergraduate
3 credit $1760.00
3 credit audit $1320.00
1.5 credit $948.00
1.5 credit audit $711.00
1.0 credit $640.00
1.0 audit $480.00
SDI Graduate
1.5 credit $1494.00
1.5 credit audit $1121.00

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    Residential Interiors

    Courses and Certificate

    Residential Interiors Studio

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      The Residential Interiors certificate is no longer accepting new students. If you have questions, please contact

      Residential Interiors Courses and Certificate Curriculum

      Required courses included:

      • Introductory Drafting & Drawing
      • Color Theory in Practice for the Residential Interior Decorator 
      • History of Interior Design & Furniture 
      • Interior Decoration Introductory Studio - IDIS (Pre-reqs: Intro to Drafting/Drawing and Color Theory)  
      • Lighting for the Home Studio - Offered Spring Only (Pre-reqs: IDIS and associated pre-reqs)
      • Online Materials, Finishes, & Resources - Offered Fall Only (Pre-reqs: IDIS and associated pre-reqs)
      • Business Practices for Decorators (Pre-reqs: IDIS and associated pre-reqs)
      • Residential Interiors Studio (This is the capstone studio. All of the above courses must be completed) 
      One General Elective. Suggestions include:
      • Residential Textiles - Offered Spring Only
      • Construction Applications 
      • Online Residential Interior for Lifetime Living 
      One Design Media Elective. Suggestions include:
      • SketchUp I: 3D Modeling & Illustration 
      • Perspective Drawing
      • AutoCAD I: Residential Interior Documentation
      One Specialized Studio Elective. Suggestions include:
      • Kitchen & Bath Design Studio I 
      • A Place for Everything: Cabinetry Design throughout the Home Studio