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    Certificate in Advanced Rendering

    The Advanced Rendering curriculum consisted of six required classes and a final rendering project (Independent Study project with the Director of Media). 

    • Curriculum
    • All Classes

    • Two or more classes in hand rendering techniques. For example:
      • Freehand Drawing
      • Orthogonal Drawing
      • Perspective Drawing
      • Pen and Ink Drawing
      • Watercolor Rendering
      • Architectural Rendering: Color Techniques
    • One to three classes in computer rendering techniques. For example: 
      • 3ds max I / Modeling and Rendering Version 8.1
      • SketchUp I / 3D Modeling & Illustration Version 7
      • ArchiCAD / 2D and 3D Design Representation
      • AutoCAD I
      • Formz I: 3D Modeling & Rendering  
      • Photoshop: Digital Image Editing & Critique I
      • Photoshop: Digital Image Editing & Critique II (prereq)
      • Photoshop: Electronic Imaging for Designers       
      • Rhino I: 3D Design   
      • Sketchup I: 3D Modeling & Illustration
    • One Advanced Design Media elective. For example:
      • Sketchup II: Documentation & Presentation (pre-req: Sketchup I)
      • Revit Architecture: 2D & 3D Representation (pre-req: Revit)
      • Formz II: Advanced Modeling & Rendering
      • AutoCAD II: 2D Design (pre-req: AutoCAD I)
      • Architectural Rendering: Black & White Techniques
      • 3DS Max II: Rendering & Animation (pre-req: 3D Max I)
      • Autocad II: 3D Design (pre-req: AutoCAD I)
      • Archicad: 2d & 3d Design Representation Version 11
    • Final rendering project (Independent Study project with the Director of Media)

    DM1: Integrated Freehand Drawing

    Varying approaches to freehand drawing are offered to enhance awareness of the world and gain visual confidence. The course includes exercises in still life, figure drawing, and perspective sketching to expose the students to various ways of seeing. Students learn to draw form, objects, and objects in space. The course...   More

    DM2A: 2D Design Orthogonal Drawing

    This course starts with the basic conventions of straight-line drawing in plan, section, and elevation, and ends with the illustration of concepts through axonometric projections. Emphasis is on acquiring basic freehand and hard-line drafting skills to inform the design process. Students will work in a variety of scales...   More

    DM2B:3D Design Perspective Drawing

    This course introduces students to both freehand and mechanically generated perspectives. The initial sessions will discuss historical concepts from the renaissance before engaging in plan, elevation and section perspectives. The course will end with the study of alternate vanishing points, and the development of rendered...   More

    DM4A: Perspective Pen & Ink Rendering

    In this course, students will render several interior and exterior views prepared with perspective charts using construction systems. Employing a learned sequence of steps, students will yield images accurate in proportion and perspective. The fully rendered drawings will include entourage, shade and shadow, and texture...   More

    DM4B:3D Studio Max I - Modeling & Rendering

    This course introduces techniques of modeling and rendering three-dimensional models using 3D Studio Max. This program generates photo-realistic architectural renderings and simulated fly-by or walk-through used in motion-picture special effects. Lighting techniques, creating atmospheric effects, placing cameras, choosing...   More

    DM3B:SketchUp I - 3D Modeling & Illustration

    SketchUp is an easy-to-learn yet extraordinary tool for developing 3D models and illustrations; from the conceptual stages of simple designs to complex and sophisticated projects. The course will introduce the application and follow a project-based learning approach, focusing on 3D form creation, modification and...   More

    Archicad II - 3D Design Representation

    This course introduces the concept of Building Information Modeling (BIM) with ArchiCAD 10 at its core. From within the BIM framework, students will learn and master the use of building components, navigate through the actively linked views of the building (plans, sections, elevations, details, perspective views, cutaway...   More

    Rhino I/ 3D Design

    Rhino is among the most influential software to emerge in the community of academic and professional architectural practice. Due to its efficiency and economy of performance, it is currently in use by numerous design firms small and large. With roots in marine engineering, the target output is digital model construction....   More

    DM4A:Photoshop - Digital Image Editing & Critique I

    This course is an introduction to digital image editing using Adobe PhotoShop. Discussions will begin with basic techniques such as using the toolbox, making and saving selections, photo retouching, applying color, adding text, and using layers. Students will then move into layers, masks, copying and pasting, and digital...   More

    DM4A: Watercolor Rendering

    This course explores drawing with water and color. Students will understand the versatility of water in the selection and mixture of colors. Through various exercises, students will formulate their own creative approach to the medium. Elements of composition and design will be discussed and different techniques will be...   More

    DM4A: Architectural Rendering - Black and White

    Architects and designers are visual people. This course is designed to enhance their ability to observe and draw the built-world. Through a series of weekly sketching assignments and exercises, the student will be asked to document materials, textures, tones, reflections, light and shade and shadow. Knowing the...   More

    DM3:Autodesk Revit/2D-3D Representation

    The Autodesk(r) Revit(r) parametric building modeler is a powerful building design and documentation system for architects, design-build teams, and other building industry professionals. In a parametric building model, every drawing sheet, every 2D and 3D view, and every schedule is a direct representation of information...   More

    DM4A:SketchUp II - Documentation & Presentation

    This is a second level course for individuals already having a basic knowledge of SketchUp, picking up from where SketchUp I / 3D Modeling and Illustration leaves off. The course will experiment with the more advanced features of the modeling package for architectural design, and present the more advanced topics including...   More

    DM4B:3D Studio Max II - Rendering

    This is a second level course for individuals already having a basic knowledge of 3D Studio MAX. Note that this course will focus more on the rendering or animation aspects based on students' incoming skills or interests. 3D Studio will be used to generate photo-realistic architectural renderings and simulate fly-by or...   More

    DM3A:AutoCAD I - 2D Drafting

    This course in computer-aided drafting introduces the basic concepts and operation of AutoCAD, emphasizing two-dimensional computer-aided drafting concepts, conventions and documentation production. The course provides hands-on instruction in AutoCAD. Students will have to complete weekly assignments, which will require...   More

    DM4A: Photoshop - Digital Imaging, Editing & Critique II

    This project-oriented course builds upon the students' basic knowledge of Photoshop to explore a wider breadth of electronic imaging technology and its applications in design. Students are encouraged to use an experimental approach and to stretch the boundaries of the medium. Projects begin with digital image creation...   More

    DM4A: Photoshop - Electronic Imaging for Designers

    This is an introductory course in Adobe Photoshop. Students will apply electronic image editing to adjusting and improving photographs, creating photomontages and merging CAD and photographic elements to create architectural renderings. The course begins with basic techniques such as using the toolbox, making and saving...   More

    DM3B:AutoCAD II -3D Design

    This second level CAD course is for individuals already having a basic knowledge of AutoCAD, the world's most popular program for computer-based drafting and design, extremely powerful but difficult to master. Completion of two eight-week courses is recommended as preparation for professional use of AutoCAD. This...   More