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    Registration: Course registration is available via the Self -Service portal. Students who have taken a course at the BAC may already have an active account and should contact the IT help desk +1.617.585.0191 to retrieve their user name and/or password. If a discount is to be applied or the student is located outside of the United States, registration must be done via phone by calling +1.617.585.0101. New students should create a new user account.

    Certificate Programs: Certificate program applications are accepted on a rolling basis; requirements vary with program. Students may choose to apply for a certificate program at any time, but are encouraged to do so as soon as possible. Students who wish to transfer credits into a certificate program must submit a transfer request at the time of application. For more information on transferring credits see the Transfer Credit section. Students registered for 6 or more credits must either purchase health insurance or provide a waiver through www.gallgherkoster.com/bac.

    Certificates & Professional Development Programs

    Submission of an application form and a $50.00USD application fee. No prior degree is required. Upon completion and receipt of their final grade, students must submit a certificate clearance and request form.

    The Landscape Institute & The Sustainable Design Institute Certificates

    Submission of an application form, current resume, 50.00USD application fee, statement of purpose (250 words), and prior education. Applicants without a college degree, but who possess professional experience are required to speak with a program director prior to application. Supplementary materials are to be submitted to pce@the-bac.edu.

    Program Completion

    Certificate Completion: Upon completion and receipt of their final grade, students must submit a certificate clearance and request form. Certificates are issued on a monthly basis and will be mailed to the postal address provided on the form.


    Transfer & Waiver Credits

    Students may apply to receive transfer or waiver credit for prior college-level, credit bearing courses from an accredited academic institution. The amount of transfer/waiver credits accepted is determined on a program basis and are up to the discretion of the Professional & Continuing Education administration. 

    • Transfer Credit
      Credit bearing courses that contain the majority of the learning objectives of a required BAC course. If accepted, transfer courses reduce the overall number of courses required by the program. Sample work may be requested for design credits.
    • Waiver Credit
      Credit bearing courses that contain some learning objectives of a required BAC course. If accepted, the wavier credits do not reduce the number of required credits, but allow an alternate course to be taken in place of a required course.

    Application for transfer/waiver credit
    Submit the following to pce@the-bac.edu, or, via postal mail.

    • A transfer/waiver request form
    • Official, sealed transcripts from each institution for which credit is requested
    • A course syllabus, or, catalog description for each course
      All materials must be received in order to complete an assessment. Applicants will be notified via email within 7-10 business days of a decision being rendered.


    Rates 2014-2015

    Sustainable Design Institute

    • 1.5 credit graduate level $1,494.00
    • 1.5 credit graduate level audit $1121.00

    Professional & Continuing Education and the Landscape Institute

    • 3 credit undergraduate level $1,760.00
    • 3 credit undergraduate level audit $1,320.00
    • 1.5 credit undergraduate level $948.00
    • 1.5 credit undergraduate level audit $711.00

    Tuition Discounts
    Professional & Continuing Education, The Landscape Institute, and the Sustainable Design Institute are pleased to extend several opportunities for reduced tuition to seniors, graduates of a BAC degree or certificate program, BAC staff and students transferring from the Arnold Arboretum Landscape Institute program. Students wishing to apply discounts to their tuition must register via phone. Please note that discounts are only offered for credit bearing courses and may not be combined.

    Graduates: Those who have completed a BAC degree or certificate receive a 50% reduction in tuition.
    Arnold Arboretum: Transferring students are eligible to apply for tuition relief. To apply contact li@the-bac.edu.
    Seniors: Students over 60 are eligible for a 10% tuition reduction.
    Staff: Full-time BAC staff are eligible to receive full tuition remission, 6 credits per academic term, after one year of continuous employment.
    Faculty: Are eligible to take up to 3 credits for no cost during or immediately following the term taught. 

    Tuition Assistance

    • Employer Reimbursement The BAC can accept Employer Reimbursement, if the Employer issues a purchase order, at the time of employee registration, expressly stating that "all tuition and fees will be paid unconditionally upon receipt of an invoice from the BAC". 
    • AmeriCorps, VA Funding and Massachusetts Workforce Investment Act Funding The BAC is able to assist students looking for funding. Contact pce@the-bac.edu for more information

    Tuition Payment Options

    • Higher One Tuition Payment Plan Students enrolled in certificate programs are eligible to participate in the Higher One Tuition Payment Plan. Higher One Tuition Payment Plan allows students to pay tuition expenses over a two month time span but is not a loan, so no interest is accrued. There is an application fee of $35.00. To set up a Higher One Tuition Payment Plan account, students should visit https://tuitionpay.higherone.com/TuitionPay/Welcome.aspx?welcome. Students using Tuition Pay must register via phone. 
    • Alternative Private Loans Courses and certificate programs offered through Professional & Continuing Education, The Landscape Institute and The Sustainable Design Institute are not eligible for federally funded education loans. Alternate credit-based loans may be available through private vendors. For more information visit the Bursar's webpage link



    Refunds are processed upon submission of a withdrawal form to pce@the-bac.edu and are prorated based on the date the withdrawal request is received. Refunds are issues within 2-3 weeks, will appear in the same mode of the original payment, and are subject to a $25.00 non refundable fee.

    Summer Academy, non-credit, 1.5 credit, and  3 credit courses
    • Prior to the first class meeting 100% *
    • Prior to the second class meeting 95%
    • Prior to the third class meeting 75%
    • After the third class meeting 0%
    *Online courses: for refund purposes class meetings start at 5PM Eastern Time every Monday the course is in session.

    Seminars and Workshops
    ◦ Before the start date 100%
    ◦ No refunds are available after the beginning of the first course session