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Architecture Faculty

Karen Nelson, Head of the School of Architecture, karen.nelson@the-bac.edu
Ian Taberner, Director of Master's Thesis, ian.taberner@the-bac.edu
Lee Peters, Director of Foundation Studios, lee.peters@the-bac.edu
Kyle Sturgeon, Director of Advanced Architecture Studios, Technology Management, kyle.sturgeon@the-bac.edu
Kerri Frick, Assistant Director of Foundation Studios, kerri.frick@the-bac.edu
Manuela Mariani, Assistant Director of Foundation Studios, manuela.mariani@the-bac.edu
Michael Daniels, Director for Foundation Student Support, michael.daniels@the-bac.edu
Thomas Parks, Director of Distance Master of Architecture, thomas.parks@the-bac.edu
Michael Wolfson, Director of Distance Master of Architecture Thesis, michael.wolfson@the-bac.edu

Adjunct Faculty

Cathy Bell, Degree Project Studio
Jason Bowers, Advanced Studios
Cori Champagne, Foundation Studios
Juliet Chun, Advanced Studios
Mila Chun, Foundation Studios
Michael Cimorelli, Foundation Studios
Heath Cody, Advanced Studios
Suzanne Cramer- Greenbaum, Foundation and Advanced Studios
Michael Crehan, Foundation Studios
Lilly Donohue- Smith, Foundation Studios
Alison Duncan, Foundation Studios
Aimee Epstein, Foundation Studios
Michael Fiorillo, Foundation Studios, Technology & Management
Kristen Fritsch, Advanced Studios
Robyn Goldstein, Design Wokshop
Chala Hadimi, Foundation Studios
Paul Herbert, Foundation Studios
Tyler Hinckley, Foundation and Advanced Studios
Justin Hoin, Advanced Studios
Douglas Jack, Foundation and Advanced Studios
Jessalyn Jarest, Technology & Management
Christopher Johns, Foundation Studios
Jeffrey LeClair, Foundation Studios
Youngjin Lee, Advanced Studios and Design Workshop
Ryan Link, Foundation Studios
Peter Martin, Advanced Studios
Sergio Mazon, Design Workshop
Ellen Merritt, Advanced Studios and Practice
Adam Mitchell, Advanced Studios
Luis Montalvo, Advanced Studios
Susan Morgan, Foundation Studios
Matt Morong, Foundation Studios
James Moses, Advanced Studios
Greg Nemes, Design Workshop
Kristen O'Gorman, Advanced Studios
Bertha Pantoja, Foundation Studios
Lukas Pauer, Advanced Studios
Andrea Pavia, Advanced Studios
Curtis Perrin, Advanced Studios
Lynn Peterson, Foundation Studios
Eric Pfeufer, Advanced Studios
Chip Piatti, Design Workshop, Thesis
John Pilling, Advanced Studios
Shonali Rajani, Foundation Studios
Jared Ramsdell, Foundation and Advanced Studios
Michael Rocino, Foundation Studios
William Russell, Advanced Studios
Jonathan Scelsa, Advanced Studios
Todd Shafer, Foundation Studios
Michael Schanbacher, Foundation Studios
Lauren Shirley, Advanced Studios, Design Workshop
Tracy Shriver, Foundation Studios
Helena Slosar, Foundation Studios
Daniel Steger, Foundation Studios
Levi Tofias, Advanced Studios
Morris Tyler, Foundation Studios
Mark Urea, Advanced Studios
Theodora Vardouli, Advanced Studios
Richard Yeager, Advanced Studios