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Bachelor of Architecture

Neil Piatt, B Arch candidate; CD105 B Design Workshop: trans-FORM: Embodying Instrumentality/Embodying Uncertainty. Instructor: Joseph Choma

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The BAC's School of Architecture offers a Bachelor of Architecture degree program that is professionally accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board to prepare students to become licensed architects. 

The hallmark of this degree program is concurrent design practice and academic study.  Students work in classrooms, in communities, and in local firms to examine the social and cultural contexts of their work.  As they advance, students develop a personal design philosophy and methods of working while mastering structures and environmental systems.  At defined intervals, students submit a design portfolio with evidence of their learning and competencies in both practice and academic study in order to progress.  Students complete a two-semester-long design project to explore ideas in a civic project that reflects their personal design values and methods.


Through Practice students are engaged in professional practice in design firms, earning income and degree credits. Graduates are fully-realized designers with impressive resumes, portfolios, and professional networks...more



The Bachelor of Architecture program is divided in to three segments: Foundation, Integration and Synthesis...more