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Bachelor of Architecture Curriculum

Our students are motivated to make a difference in shaping the architecture of the city. We seek students who want to learn in the workplace as well as in the classroom, to engage social and environmental issues in the resolution of design problems, and to join our network of design professionals. The BAC studio experience invites students to imagine and make work that responds to social and spatial conditions. Students design buildings that matter - spaces that contribute to people and the environment's well-being. Individually and collaboratively, students learn to create innovative designs and forge their design identity. (Some students travel during the summer in an intensive study program to accelerate their studies.) The program includes the following curricular areas: Studio Design, Design Media, History and Theory, Building Technology and Management, Liberal Studies, and Electives.

Our concurrent practice education offers an ongoing integration of design practice with the learning process, supported by a like-minded community of students and faculty. Mentored and supervised, students grow as working design professionals. Degree students work in the design profession during the day and attend classes in the afternoon and evening. This interplay of education and practice provides graduates with a solid preparation for a career in design, a professional network, and the opportunity to meet the Intern Development Program (IDP) required to sit for licensure at graduation.

Segment I: Foundation. Students in Foundation acquire beginning knowledge, abilities, and understanding in both liberal and professional education.

Segment II: Integration. Students explore - in depth and breadth - the field of architectural design. Emphasis is on integrating skills, knowledge, and understanding.

Segment III: Synthesis. Students pursue advanced professional courses related to individual interest. Segment III concludes with a Degree Project.

Degree Project. The Degree Project is completed over two semesters. Each student engages in a project covering the design process from conception to documentation.

Students work in a paid position in a design firm. BAC graduates leave with substantial résumés, including professional experience and a diverse portfolio. Most graduates are able to sit immediately for the national licensure examination. Bachelor of Architecture graduates become architects, energy performance consultants, exhibit designers, and educators who work collaboratively to engage and transform communities.

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Total Academic Credits: 150

Total Practice Hours: 3,000

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Total Academic Credits: 150

Total Practice Hours: 3,000