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For Students who have entered Prior to Fall 2013

The Master of Architecture program is divided in to three segments: Foundation, Integration and Synthesis. At the end of Segment 1: Foundation and again after Segment 2: Integration, students submit a design portfolio with evidence of their learning and competencies in both practice and academic study in order to progress to the next segment. In Segment 3: Synthesis, all graduate students complete a three-semester-long design thesis process to explore an idea that has personal significance and larger value to the community and to the discipline of architecture. 

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DM1: Integrated Freehand Drawing

Varying approaches to freehand drawing are offered to enhance awareness of the world and gain visual confidence. The course includes exercises in still life, figure drawing, and perspective sketching to expose the students to various ways of seeing. Students learn to draw form, objects, and objects in space. The course...   More