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Architectural Technology

Bachelor of Design Studies


The BAC is currently accepting applications for Fall 2014. 

Architectural technology is the study of how buildings are built and how they work. In the Architectural Technology Concentration, students will gain an understanding of the basic principles of selecting and detailing building components, materials, systems and technology, including:

  • standards and applications of various construction materials and assemblies
  • documentation of building design in 2D and 3D formats
  • environmental and mechanical systems, ecology, and the designer's responsibility to conserve energy and natural resources
  • behavior of structural systems in withstanding both gravitational and lateral forces
  • the nature of codes, regulations and standards applicable to all building projects

The curriculum of the Architectural Technology Concentration covers a wide range of building technology and design courses as well as general electives. This breadth of inquiry allows students to pursue a course of study tailored to their own interests and career objectives.


Through Practice students are engaged in professional practice in design firms, earning income and degree credits. Graduates are fully-realized designers with impressive resumes, portfolios, and professional networks...more


The Design Studies curriculum is made up of two components.

  • The Practice component: Students are required to earn practice credits in a related position and reach an appropriate level of competency both in the concentration discipline and general professional skills.
  • The Academic component: Students earn credits in areas of study that include foundation, visual studies, technology and management, history and theory, liberal studies and in the areas related to their individualized concentration...more