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Digital Design & Visualization

The Certificate Program in Digital Design & Visualization allows students to build expertise in computer-based design technologies, and learn skills relevant to the evolving trends of current day design practices. Graduates of this certificate are equipped with the latest software applications and knowledge for use in the design technology work environment.

Five classes are required to complete the certificate. Students take a combination of required classes in their chosen 'Area of Specialization,' plus electives from other areas. Through flexible course selections, students concentrate their education in five areas of specialization.

Five Specialization Options within the Digital Design & Visualization Certificate:

  • [CAD] Computer-Aided Drafting & Design
  • [BIM] Building Information Modeling
  • [ADV] Architectural Design Visualization
  • [PH] Photography
  • [GIT] Graphic and Imaging Technologies
  • [PPD] Publication and Portfolio Design
  • Certificate
  • All Classes


  • Choose 3 courses from the list below. Note that students with no drafting background should take Orthogonal Drawing as a prerequisite. Please contact P&CE for details on prerequsites.
    • AutoCAD I/2D Drafting
    • AutoCAD 2/2D Drafting
    • AutoCAD 1/3D Design
    • AutoCAD 2/3D Design
    • FormZ I: 3D Modeling and Rendering Version 6
    • Rhino I/ 3D Design (prereqs)
    • SketchUp I / 3D Modeling & Illustration
    • Laser-Assisted Model Making (prereqs)
  • Choose two courses from any other Digital Design & Visualization area


[BIM] Building Information Modeling
Choose 1 course from the list below:

  • ArchiCAD / 2D and 3D Design Representation
  • Revit Architecture / 2D and 3D Design Representation

Choose 2 from CAD offerings below:

  • AutoCAD 1/2D Drafting
  • AutoCAD 2/2D Drafting
  • AutoCAD 1/3D Drafting
  • AutoCAD 2/3D drafting
  • FormZ 1: 3D Modeling and Rendering
  • Rhino I/ 3D Design (Prereqs)
  • SketchUP I / 3D Modeling and Illustration
  • Laser-Assisted Model Making (Prereqs)

Chose 2 from ADV offerings below:

  • 3ds max I / Modeling and Rendering
  • 3ds max II / Rendering and Animation
  • FormZ II Advance MOdeling and Rendering Version 6
  • SketchUP II / Documentation and Presentation Version 5

Choose 3 courses from the list below, and the remaining 2 courses from any other Digital Design & Visualization area

  • 3ds max I / Modeling and Rendering (pre-req: CAD 2D or 3D, or equivalent experience)
  • 3ds max II / Rendering and Animation (pre-req: 3ds max I/ Modeling and Rendering)
  • FormZ II/ Advanced Modeling and Rendering Version 6 (pre-req: FormZ I)
  • SketchUp II / Documentation and Presentation Version 5 (pre-req: SketchUp I)

Choose 3 courses from the list below, and the remaining 2 courses from any other Digital Design & Visualization area

  • Architectural Photography (pre-req: Digital Photography and experience in Photoshop)
  • Digital Photography
  • Intermediate Photography (pre-req: Photoshop I)
  • On-site Photography (pre-req: Digital Photography or equivalent experience)

Choose 2 courses from the list below, 2 from PPD, and 1 from any other Digital Design & Visualization area

  • Photoshop: Digital Image Editing & Critique I
  • InDesign: Board Presentations
  • Photoshop: Digital Imaging Editing and Critique II
  • Photoshop: Electronic Imaging for Designers

Choose 3 courses from the list below, and the remaining 2 courses from any other Digital Design & Visualization area

  • Design and the Internet
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Effective Web Design
  • Electronic Portfolio

DM3A:AutoCAD I - 2D Drafting

This course in computer-aided drafting introduces the basic concepts and operation of AutoCAD, emphasizing two-dimensional computer-aided drafting concepts, conventions and documentation production. The course provides hands-on instruction in AutoCAD. Students will have to complete weekly assignments, which will require...   More

DM3A:AutoCAD II - 2D Drafting

This second-level CAD course is for individuals who already have a basic knowledge of AutoCAD. This drafting-focused course will build office-oriented skills in 2D drafting and further develops the beginner's skills toward proficiency. Classes mix lectures with hands-on classroom instruction.   More

DM3B:AutoCAD II -3D Design

This second level CAD course is for individuals already having a basic knowledge of AutoCAD, the world's most popular program for computer-based drafting and design, extremely powerful but difficult to master. Completion of two eight-week courses is recommended as preparation for professional use of AutoCAD. This...   More

Rhino I/ 3D Design

Rhino is among the most influential software to emerge in the community of academic and professional architectural practice. Due to its efficiency and economy of performance, it is currently in use by numerous design firms small and large. With roots in marine engineering, the target output is digital model construction....   More

DM3B:SketchUp I - 3D Modeling & Illustration

SketchUp is an easy-to-learn yet extraordinary tool for developing 3D models and illustrations; from the conceptual stages of simple designs to complex and sophisticated projects. The course will introduce the application and follow a project-based learning approach, focusing on 3D form creation, modification and...   More

DM4B: Laser-Assisted Model Making

This course introduces the use of the BAC's Laser cutter facility applied to architectural model making. Students will develop CAD-based layouts that can be cut or etched into materials such as mat board, Plexiglas, and wood. The laser cutter is accurate to 1/1000th of an inch; the emphasis of the course will be on using...   More

Archicad II - 3D Design Representation

This course introduces the concept of Building Information Modeling (BIM) with ArchiCAD 10 at its core. From within the BIM framework, students will learn and master the use of building components, navigate through the actively linked views of the building (plans, sections, elevations, details, perspective views, cutaway...   More

DM3:Autodesk Revit/2D-3D Representation

The Autodesk(r) Revit(r) parametric building modeler is a powerful building design and documentation system for architects, design-build teams, and other building industry professionals. In a parametric building model, every drawing sheet, every 2D and 3D view, and every schedule is a direct representation of information...   More

DM4B:3D Studio Max I - Modeling & Rendering

This course introduces techniques of modeling and rendering three-dimensional models using 3D Studio Max. This program generates photo-realistic architectural renderings and simulated fly-by or walk-through used in motion-picture special effects. Lighting techniques, creating atmospheric effects, placing cameras, choosing...   More

DM4B:3D Studio Max II - Rendering

This is a second level course for individuals already having a basic knowledge of 3D Studio MAX. Note that this course will focus more on the rendering or animation aspects based on students' incoming skills or interests. 3D Studio will be used to generate photo-realistic architectural renderings and simulate fly-by or...   More

DM4A:SketchUp II - Documentation & Presentation

This is a second level course for individuals already having a basic knowledge of SketchUp, picking up from where SketchUp I / 3D Modeling and Illustration leaves off. The course will experiment with the more advanced features of the modeling package for architectural design, and present the more advanced topics including...   More

DM4A:Architectural Photography

This is an advanced photography course intended for students who wish to develop their skills and understanding of the techniques and issues involved in photographing buildings and interiors. Lecture portions will introduce the work of various architectural photographers, to build an understanding of the issues and...   More

DM4A:Digital Photography

This course introduces students to photography using digital cameras and Adobe Photoshop. Students will learn techniques of digital image acquisition, and manipulation of the images on the computer. Photography basics are covered similarly to courses on traditional analog photography but the darkroom will be replaced with...   More

DM4A:Intermediate Photography

In this course, students develop their photographic skills and explore a photographic vision through a series of assignments executed in the field, in the darkroom, and using computer software. Classroom instruction will be oriented toward development and critical review of composition skills and technique. Lectures and...   More

DM4A: On-Site Photography

This course is intended for designers and other interested individuals to learn, explore and understand the uses, issues and problems of photography in the field. Students will explore photography as a means of documenting and explaining the built environment. Projects may include photographing historic buildings with...   More

DM4A:Photoshop - Digital Image Editing & Critique I

This course is an introduction to digital image editing using Adobe PhotoShop. Discussions will begin with basic techniques such as using the toolbox, making and saving selections, photo retouching, applying color, adding text, and using layers. Students will then move into layers, masks, copying and pasting, and digital...   More

DM4A: Photoshop - Digital Imaging, Editing & Critique II

This project-oriented course builds upon the students' basic knowledge of Photoshop to explore a wider breadth of electronic imaging technology and its applications in design. Students are encouraged to use an experimental approach and to stretch the boundaries of the medium. Projects begin with digital image creation...   More

DM4A: Photoshop - Electronic Imaging for Designers

This is an introductory course in Adobe Photoshop. Students will apply electronic image editing to adjusting and improving photographs, creating photomontages and merging CAD and photographic elements to create architectural renderings. The course begins with basic techniques such as using the toolbox, making and saving...   More

DM4C: Digital Portfolio

This course will study the fundamentals of integrating text, typography and images into visual presentations. Students will learn the synergy between Adobe applications like Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign and will explore the principles of graphic design, publishing, and electronic file preparation. Students will...   More

DM4C:Effective Website Design

The World Wide Web is fast becoming the medium of choice for presentation of portfolios, information and marketing materials, both for individuals and companies involved in architecture and design. In this course, students will develop a fully functional, well-designed Website that can be used to promote themselves or...   More

DM4C: Electronic Portfolio

This course will allow students to design their own portfolios on the computer. Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator will be drawn upon to create a layout that shows off student work in creative and effective ways. Layout and design concerns and ideas will be discussed and ongoing critiques will assist students in...   More

DM4A: InDesign - Board Presentation

Strong presentations with effective graphics clarify ideas and foster better understanding of design projects. Layout and design concerns will be discussed and ongoing critiques will assist students in attaining the most successful presentation boards possible. Through interim presentations, students will develop the...   More