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Thesis Policies


Thesis Handbooks

Scheduling Thesis Reviews

Leave of Absence (LOA) in Thesis

Thesis Extensions

Late Document Fee



Thesis students are considered full-time BAC students and must register each semester they are in the Thesis Program. They are held to the BAC's Withdrawal/Leave of Absence policies and must pay close attention to registration deadlines. BAC Registrar

Thesis 1 and 2 extend over two (2) semesters as follows:
• Thesis 1: Spring, Thesis 2: Fall (January Graduation Candidates)
• Thesis 1: Fall, Thesis 2: Spring (May Graduation Candidates)


While the student is required to register for Thesis in the Spring and Fall semesters, no tuition is charged for the summer term. Students who do not complete their thesis by the end of Thesis 2 must file for extensions and are subject to additional tuition charges (see below).

Thesis Handbooks

Master of Architecture Thesis Handbook (PDF)

Master of Interior Design Thesis Handbook (PDF)

Scheduling Thesis Reviews
Reviews are held Monday through Thursday. Weekend reviews require approval from the Director of Thesis and the Thesis Representative a minimum of one week in advance. Thesis Reviews are scheduled through the Coordinator of Thesis. It is the responsibility of the student to contact his/her representative and all Thesis Panel members about upcoming review dates, times, and locations. Thesis Reviews shall be scheduled at the following times and or intervals of 5:00/5:30PM or 7:00/7:30PM. If one begins at 6:00 PM, they may have to vacate the space for a 7:00PM scheduled review. Reviews should not go over 1.5 hours including time for set-up and dismantling.

Reviews scheduled at 5:00/5:30PM or 7:00/7:30PM allow other students to share our Thesis Representative and faculty for the same night and to provide for the presentation room to be utilized for multiple reviews on the same evening. Reducing the amount of trips and traveling of our faculty to the BAC is not only good planning and professional etiquette but also promotes the sustainability of resources.

If changes need to be made to the review schedule, the student is responsible for contacting the Coordinator of Thesis to reschedule. No review will be rescheduled without the permission of both the Thesis Representative and the Coordinator of Thesis. Please advice the Coordinator of Thesis no later than five (5) working days prior to the scheduled review of any changes, except in case of emergency. We will try to accommodate changes to the best of our abilities.

All Thesis reviews are to take place at the BAC. The primary spaces for Thesis reviews are:

320 Newbury Street, 1st-floor meeting room
100 Mass Ave, 5th Floor, Room M501
100 Mass Ave, 5th Floor, Room M502


Please check the review schedule regularly; review dates are revised constantly. If you plan to attend a thesis review meeting, you are responsible for checking the latest review schedule on the website. We will make the best effort possible to update this schedule as revisions occur.

Please contact the Coordinator of Thesis at 617-585-0254 to schedule a review, to revise scheduled dates or locations or for more information.

Leave of Absence (LOA) in Thesis
Students unable to continue in the Thesis Program must submit the following documents to the Coordinator of Thesis:

• A letter requesting a leave from thesis, explaining the reason for the leave and the expected date of return.
• A completed BAC Leave of Absence form attached to the letter.

These documents will be reviewed for approval by the Architectural Thesis Committee or the Interior Design Thesis Committee. The schedule for these meetings can be obtained by contacting the Coordinator of Thesis. The student is responsible for turning in to the BAC Registrar the Leave of Absence form by the Add/Drop deadline.

Note: The best time for a student to take a LOA while in the Thesis Program is either before the Preliminary Review or after the Schematic Review. Before requesting an LOA, the student must ensure that each Thesis Panel member will remain committed to the project once the student returns.

Thesis Extensions
Thesis students must apply for an extension if they need time beyond Thesis 1 and 2. To apply for an extension, students must submit the following to the Coordinator of Thesis one week prior to the end of the Thesis 2 semester (see Institutional Calendar):

• A letter indicating the reason for the request.
• A completed copy of the Thesis Extension Request form.

The first seven weeks of a thesis extension are considered to be an Incomplete (similar to a regular course). The Director of Thesis together with the Program Head and the Thesis Committee of the particular program will make the determination regarding additional tuition, if any, based on the merits of the thesis extension request. For thesis extensions beyond seven weeks, the reviewing body will determine the following:

• Appropriateness of the extension request.
• Appropriate length of the extension if the request is granted.

Tuition charges are as follows: Each two-week period of Thesis Extension is charged a proportional fraction of a semester's tuition. All students are charged tuition unless they can demonstrate extenuating circumstances. Substantiating information must be included if circumstances warrant.

Late Document Fee
Students are charged $50 for each semester (Fall or Spring) past the scheduled Thesis Document due date. After two years, students must appeal to their respective (Architecture or Interior Design) Thesis Committee and the Appeals Committee to have their Thesis Document accepted.