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Design Talks: Sustainable Neighborhoods

Green Roof

Green Roof

© Halvorson Design Partnership

Sustainable Neighborhoods
with Elizabeth Humstone

Since 2009, LEED for Neighborhood Development is used for rating sustainability for new developments and existing neighborhoods. Successful projects demonstrate:

  1. How the location in areas within or adjacent to existing development, transit water and sewer services
  2. How the location is designed for walkability
  3. How the protection of water resources, air quality and cultural & natural resources can minimize greenhouse gas emissions while promoting community and economic development.

The first section of the workshop discusses the key components of LEED-ND - Smart Location and Linkage, Neighborhood Planning and Design, and Green Infrastructure and Building. Following this discussion, participants will walk to a nearby neighborhood, to examine the application of some prerequisites and credits of LEED-ND on site.

*If field work is not permitted by weather, an example will be presented in the workshop.