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    Christopher McIntosh

    Christopher McIntosh

    Christopher McIntosh

    © Boston Architectural College; Photo by Bonica Ayala

    Christopher McIntosh graduated from the BAC in the fall of 2013 with a Bachelor of Design Studies in Sustainable Design. He started at the BAC in Fall 2009 as a Bachelor of Architecture candidate. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, he came to the BAC after completing an Associate’s Degree in Architecture. He became interested in architecture at a young age, learning how to read plans for houses, and drawing them out.

    In 2011, Chris switched to the Bachelor of Design Studies program, concentrating in Sustainable Design. He made the jump after realizing that his interests in design were less about how individual buildings looked, but more about how they help shape neighborhoods and cities. Chris appreciates having lived in many different environments around the world, as well as how those experiences have shaped his views on design. After graduating from the BAC, Chris plans on going to graduate school to pursue urban planning & design.

    Chris was actively involved in the BAC chapter of NOMAS (National Organization of Minority Architecture Students). He served as Chapter President (2011-2013) after stints as Treasurer and Vice President. He enjoyed being active as a student leader and planning events that benefit the entire BAC community.

    Chris was involved in several Gateway Projects during his time at the BAC. He considers the projects to be a big reason why he has shifted his focus from architecture to urban planning. “I find that the Gateway experience has done so much more for me than studio ever could. I’ve been able to gain real-world skills and apply real-life solutions to real issues within our community. It would have taken me so much longer to gain those same experiences if I hadn’t become involved in the projects.”

    One of his greatest accomplishments in school so far, has been leading the BAC NOMAS team as Project Manager to a 3rd place national finish, out of 16 schools that participated in the 2011 NOMA Student Design Competition in Atlanta, GA. “The entire experience was extremely challenging and time-consuming, yet so rewarding at the same time.  I was able to learn so much from my teammates, and represent myself and my school on a national stage.”

    Chris is an Energy Planner at the Division of Capital Asset Management (DCAM) with the Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Buildings Group.He works with planners and designers implementing energy and water-saving measures across state-owned buildings.  Prior to working at DCAM, Chris was involved with the student and faculty team that developed the BAC Climate Action Plan.  He credits these experiences for his interests in sustainable planning and development.