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Daniel Stuart Hall

Daniel Stuart Hall '12

Daniel Stuart Hall '12

Courtesy of Stu Hall

Stu attended the BAC for his undergraduate degree in Design Studies, and graduated in 2006 with a BDS in Architectural Engineering Technology. He matriculated in the Distance Masters of Architecture program starting in August 2009 and graduated in August 2011. Stu practices architecture now at the same firm where he got his first job in 2002: Dann Norris Batting Architects of Chester, NH.

Stu's thesis was entitled "Reinhabiting the Void: Giving new life to the forgotten cathedrals of sport." Stu describes his work:

"I studied adaptive reuse and how it could be applied to the underused and empty stadiums scattered across the country that are left behind for new stadiums. My site was RFK stadium in Washington D.C. I redeveloped it into a mixed use living center. People could live there, shop there, work there and play there. It provided many programs in a high density footprint making it an efficient reuse and also extending the life of the stadium."