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Howard F. Elkus

Howard Elkus

Howard Elkus

Photo Courtesy Howard Elkus

An internationally acclaimed architect and urban designer, Howard Elkus has been responsible for the design of numerous widely acknowledged landmark projects during his distinguished career. Since co-founding Elkus Manfredi Architects in 1988, and previously as a principal of The Architects Collaborative, Howard's work has consistently broken new ground with a diversity of project types - from single buildings to urban master plans on a grand scale. With partner David Manfredi, he has built a major national practice around his dedication to the value of place-making and community-building.

Trained as a mechanical engineer as well as an architect, Howard is noted for his elegant architectural resolutions to complex, multifaceted program requirements and difficult sites with daunting infrastructure constraints. His planning and design solutions are devoted as much to context as to form and appear disarmingly simple, disclosing no evidence of the challenges surmounted. Howard's deep commitment to designing for the human scale has been at the international forefront of the movement to create livable environments that honor the old while celebrating the new. His body of work is a tour de force in visionary place-making.