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Jason Boone

Jason Boone

Jason Boone

Bonica Ayala

Jason Boone graduated from the BAC in 2013 with a Master of Architecture degree. He served as Atelier President from 2011-2012, and was involved with the organization prior to that. Before his arrival at the BAC in spring 2007, Jason earned an undergraduate degree in mathematics education from Indiana State University, taught high school mathematics, and worked in educational facility planning.

"I would describe myself at the time as something of a rouge teacher fighting the built environment in which I taught," Jason says. "I was interested in tactics that served my learners needs including hands-on projects, collaboration, and movement. None of these were supported by my 20th century 900 square foot classroom."

Because of his interest in the classroom environment, Jason was invited to sit on a committee to plan a new high school. "I was so enamored with the process and the power of what others where doing around the world with educational environments that I approached the owner of the planning firm," says Jason. "I inquired about the credentials necessary to enter his profession and to my surprise he hired me a few weeks later."

Jason currently works as an educational facility planner and designer at Drummey Rosane Anderson, Inc. At DRA Architects, Jason focuses on American K-12 educational projects including master planning, design, feasibility studies, and facility condition evaluation.

He has served as the student representative to both the Curriculum sub-committee and the Educational Policies committee, and served as an educational programming specialist on several thesis panels. Many students have met Jason as a co-facilitator of the NOMAS model making workshop, but some may not know that he was one of the students to develop the workshop.

In 1998, Jason was awarded the Senior Choice Outstanding Educator Award at Franklin Community at Franklin Community High School - Franklin, Indiana. In 2008, he was awarded The Alumni/ae Association Scholarship, and in 2009, he was awarded the David Anderson Traveling Fellowship Award. He possesses the Recognized Educational Facility Planner (REFP) from CEFPI, a professional organization committed to innovative and effective learning environments. Most recently, he has served as a design jury member for the CEFPI NE Chapter Annual Design Awards.

"My design philosphy is, of course, a work in progress. I believe that design inspiration can, and should, come from any source including from within. I believe the designer must be ever mindful and rigorous, however, because design also has serious consequences. Architecture is a designed, man-made, and inhabitable environment with a purpose. Good architecture expresses a point-of-view, is environmentally sensitive, and is both socially and behaviorally informed."