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Joe Marcy

Joe Marcy

Joe Marcy

I will never call being a designer, "a job." Joe Marcy

Joe Marcy graduated with a Bachelor of Design Studies in Sustainable Design in May of 2010. Joe was inspired to become a designer because he was has always found design to be inherently interesting. Initially he was drawn to the problem solving aspect of design. During his early ventures in design, Joe remembers assuming that design was a linear progression of thoughts with a defined answer but, he soon discovered that this was far from the truth. Joe has since learned that design is like a puzzle of pieces rather than pieces of a puzzle. He has since learned to appreciate the criticism, enjoy the challenge, and invite the unordinary.

Since Graduating from the BAC, Joe has experienced the ups and downs of being a designer. He credits the BAC being an empowering experience that influences his daily thought process and he attributes his time at the BAC to jump starting his unconscious, intrinsic, internal process that inspires him to learn, experience, and implement his ideas. It was through his academic studies where he learned to understand the marriage between passion and work.

I'm truly grateful for every professor and person that pushed my limits, questioned my process and killed my critique. It's something you appreciate later on down the line, something that keeps you competitive and competent. Thank You! Joe Marcy

Recently, Joe teamed up with Vermont architect and builder, Tyler Kobick, to form Design Draw Build Lab, LLC (DDBL). DDBL is based in Burlington, Vermont and specializes in custom fabrication and design of architecturally unique elements and structures. Joe and Tyler focus their practice toward gesturally-unique, modern, hand-made forms of architecture. They are dedicated to empowering their clients by enabling sweat-equity and minimizing standard commercial construction costs. DDBL has a strong social mission that diversifies and enriches Joe and Tyler's work through education, charitable building and design, and development of technologies and building systems that maximize sustainability and green features of a project. DDBL buys and builds local and thinks global-seeking the "genius-loci" of place.

DDBL recently provided construction management services for a 2,500 sq. ft. Studio/Library that is part of the Patch Adams Teaching Center in Hillsboro, West Virginia. Their project was one of the two selected winners for the 2012 AIA New England People's Choice Award.
Joe is inspired by the competition, the conception and the application of ideas. He finds his most powerful moments are often spontaneous, but thoughtful. He believes that, "the key to good decision making is not knowledge, it's having confidence and justification in how you understand."

His favorite architectural adjective is Juicy.