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Julio Cedano

Julio Cedano

Julio Cedano

Courtesy of Julio Cedano

Julio Cedano is 2013 graduate of the BAC with a Bachelor of Architecture degree. Originally from the Dominican Republic, Julio moved to Boston at the age of five and grew up in Chelsea, MA. Prior to coming to the BAC, Julio earned an Associate's Degree in Architectural Technology from Massasoit Community College.

Having attended a vocational high school, Julio was introduced to carpentry and cabinetmaking from an early age. He believes this helped him expand his knowledge beyond academia and provided him tools that were useful beyond work. "Carpentry to architecture is a great transition, I think. Learning how to build something physical really helps to understand what you are designing," he says.

Julio currently works as a Job Captain at CBI Consulting, a mid-size architecture, restoration, and engineering firm in South Boston. He was an Atelier Student Representative during 2012-2013 and was involved in organizing the Student Lecture Series.

When asked his work, Julio states that, "I want to create a greater relationship between people and their surroundings, by really asking what the building does beyond its initial use. As students we are driven by beauty and form but we sometimes forget to think beyond that and how architecture affects the greater nature of its surroundings. I believe that your design should be in unison with your concept of greater good."

Julio is the 2011 recipient of the Mark Walter Young Traveling Scholarship and studied in Madrid, Spain. "It was great to win the award, and even greater be given the chance to study abroad." he describes. "I had the opportunity to expand my knowledge and experience an environment and architecture that was truly unique compared to what I am used to."

Julio's photography work was also featured in the January 2011 edition of Architectural Record.