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Mehran Jahedi

Mehran Jahedi

Mehran Jahedi

Photo by Becky Anderson

Mehran Jahedi is a Bachelor of Architecture candidate at the BAC. He grew up in nearby Newton, MA, where he was on the Robotics Team during his high school career. His father is an artist and has worked as an historical preservationist, which exposed Mehran to many facets of design that allow for longevity.

"Architecture lets me combine my passion for science, which I focused on during my previous schooling, and arts, which I used working with my father growing up, on a large and prominent scale," says Mehran. Experience on the robotics team gave him an awareness of the benefits that science and technology can bring to architecture, especially in material science, digital fabrication, and building techniques.

In his spare time, Mehran likes to put that awareness into practice, getting his hands dirty while building projects at home, like a RepRap 3D printer and a home studio, though he counts working with friends during the final studio push among his favorite moments at the BAC.

While serving as the 2013-2015 NOMAS President, Mehran also works at RJD Boston. He is also a member of AIAS and the BSA.