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Jim Newman

Jim Newman LEED AP EB+OM is an instructor at the BAC and is a founder and principal of Linnean Solutions. More

Christopher Novelli

Chris is a C-2 Studio instructor, and is also a Senior Project Manager at the architecture firm Studio One, Inc - a position he has held since 2000. In practice, Novelli completes projects of great diversity, but for the past 5 years has focused primarily on low-income senior housing projects with clients of high expectations and low budgets, where quality of construction is emphasized. In studio, Novelli attempts to bridge the gap between theory and design for his students through a series of exercises which visually interpret written text, which students can then apply directly to their projects. Novelli is in the process of taking the architecture registration examinations, with an expected completion date of fall 2011. More

Julia Nugent

Julia Nugent’s design approach concentrates on how theory can be translated and made manifest in built form. Resonant architecture recognizes the specific cultural and physical identity of a place. Ideas are expressed through the craft of building, and are embodied in architectural space and how it is used. More

Kristen O'Gorman

Kristen O’Gorman is a Project Designer at Spagnolo Gisness and Associates, in Boston. She is a LEED Green Associate, dedicated to an environmentally responsible design, and values the importance of Building Information Modeling (BIM). More

Cate Oranchak

Cate Oranchak joined the group of faculty and instructors at the BAC in the spring semester of 2013. More