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Fernanda Sotério Dias Pinto

Fernanda Sotério Dias Pinto

Fernanda Sotério Dias Pinto

Courtesy of Fernanda Sotério Dias Pinto

Fernanda Sotério Dias Pinto is a Bachelor of Architecture candidate at the BAC. Born and raised in Uberlândia, Brazil, Fernanda moved to the United States in 2008 and attended her last two years of high school in Rhode Island. During that time, she participated in the ACE (Architecture Construction and Engineering) Mentor Program and decided to pursue a career in architecture.

With a father who studied mechanical engineering and taught carpentry/mechanical skills, she remembers watching him create things based on his drawings and that would amaze her. Fernanda soon started developing her passion for design and the idea that she could build things to help other people was her motivation to study architecture.

Fernanda puts her heart into her designs. She believes that nowadays people tend to exclude their emotions, considering it unprofessional. However, she states, "we are moved by emotions and architecture has the ability to provoke emotions, so why exclude it from our designs?" Her culture taught her to be caring and take people's feelings in consideration, so she tends to work toward the idea of designing better spaces that provide a positive experience for users.

Due to the fact that Fernanda started at the BAC only 2 years after moving to the United States, language was a challenge alongside acquiring design skills. While at the BAC, she has worked hard to improve her communication skills as well as learn as much as she can about design. She faced these challenges by, "studying and being curious on my own, trying to learn from other students and asking for help whenever needed."

Fernanda's best BAC experience was during her final review for B2 Studio, "it was my second time in that studio, so I knew I had to push myself to do better. It was a really difficult semester, but definitely the most rewarding one. I had really good feedback from the critics and also from my colleagues."

Fernanda served as the Treasurer of AIAS BAC from 2013-2014, as well as a Student Ambassador for New Student Orientation. She is an Associate AIA member and is preparing for her LEED associate exam. Fernanda is currently employed as a Assistant Architectural Designer and Project Consultant at KBA Contracting Enterprises, LLC.