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Kyle Martin

Kyle Martin

Kyle Martin

© Boston Architectural College; Photo by Sam Rosenholtz

Kyle Martin is an M.Arch candidate at the BAC and has a BA in Psychology from the University of Colorado. Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Kyle showed an early interest in drawing and sketching as well a fascination for materials and how things assemble. Eventually he realized that rather than full artistic freedom he preferred the technicality and site-specific challenges of architectural design.

His Pacific Northwest roots have instilled in him awareness for sustainability and environmentally-conscious practices, leading him to believe that environmental accountability is a crucial aspect of contemporary design and that architecture is at the forefront of conservation. With a degree in Psychology, he also developed a knowledge base for the interaction between architecture and its human inhabitants. Kyle is particularly interested in the way that design can most efficiently accommodate and inspire people as they interact with a space.

When asked to reflect on his accomplishments at the BAC, Kyle replies "Straddling a demanding academic workload while reserving my energy and acuity for a full-time job in the industry of my dreams, I am constantly amazed by what I am truly able to accomplish. Through academics and the avenues made available to me at the BAC, I have been able to realize my full potential more than I ever thought possible. In the end I have developed a relentless passion for design and a determination to succeed that I look forward to motivating me throughout the duration of my architectural career."

Kyle's most positive BAC experiences have come from the friendships and networking opportunities that he has made at the Boston Architectural College. "I have had the pleasure of meeting an assortment of talented designers, faculty, and fellow students over the last few years that have been directly responsible for my growth as a student. Between the awe-inspiring accomplishments of designers that visit as part of the Student Lecture Series to the camaraderie built at First Friday events, I have enjoyed the advice handed down to me from the established and the lessons learned while working alongside my fellow classmates. My time at the BAC has enabled me to meet many members of Boston's architectural industry and develop professional friendships that will last a lifetime; experiences for which I am very grateful." Kyle served as Atelier Treasurer in 2013-2014 and previously as a Student Representative from 2012-2013.

In fall 2011, Kyle participated in the Chinatown Green Storefronts Competition, a BAC Gateway Project. His team was asked to design an upgrade to the historic façade of a restaurant in the Chinatown neighborhood of Boston. After months of hard work and coordination, his team's design was named the winning entry.

Kyle is currently the Application Support Specialist at Shepley Bulfinch where he supports healthcare and institutional project teams. Previously he worked on urban residential high-rise projects at CBT Architects. He has also assisted in the construction and renovation of various high-end residential projects with a small general contracting company in Boston.