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Milton Castro

Milton Castro

Milton Castro

Photo by Becky Anderson

Milton Castro is a Bachelor of Architecture candidate at the BAC. He grew up in Ecuador and moved to Connecticut at the age of 18. With a background in residential construction, he completed an Associate of Architectural and Engineering Technology degree at Norwalk Community College, where he also won an award for designing a mixed-use complex.

While a high school student in Ecuador, Milton took a technical drawing class where he discovered that he was a very detail-oriented student. That class convinced him that he wanted to be an architect. After moving to the U.S., Milton worked in construction and enjoyed seeing buildings come together. After an eight year process of learning a new language and acclimating to a new culture, Milton began school at the BAC.

When he started school, Milton had to shut down a design/build business he started in Connecticut. Now he is looking for more opportunities to practice the same type of work in Boston. "I believe that the design - build process is the most innovative method for students to further develop their knowledge and understand all the details of design and construction involved in a building," says Milton.

The most motivational experience Milton has had at the BAC was taking both A-1 Studio and Design Principles at the same time. "The material covered in DP related to the material covered to A-1 almost every week. Consequently, it provided me a better understanding about the concepts and visual communication covered in both courses," says Milton, "It was also like a test to see if I was capable of handling the amount of work and pressure being in architecture school."

Milton works as a Lead Carpenter for GT Building Corporation and served as AIAS President from 2013-2014.